Friday, July 17, 2015

Beauty Review : What's In My Makeup Pouch / Bag? - 왓츠 인 마이 메이크업 파우치?

A lot of you ask me via about my daily makeup. That's the reason why I film this video. I show you what's inside my makeup pouch or bag. You definitely can buy the exact same thing as mine. Please make sure, you do some research on google and read beauty review from another blogger or beauty guru before you go grab those products at your nearest beauty store.

I don't like to bring so many makeup products with me. I personally bring some beauty products that I need the most. For example : I bring my chocolate tone eyeshadow because I can use it as my eyeshadow and put it on my crease, as my bronzer or contour powder. I don't want to bring bronzer and eyeshadow at the same time because it's going to be heavy. I rarely touch up my bronzer tho.

My step by step daily makeup, it's going to be like this :
1. Applying Makeup Base
2. Applying BB Cream
3. Doing my eyebrows
4. Applying Blush on
5. Do Contouring
6. Applying eyeshadow base (with the same product as my makeup base) and eyeshadow (optional)
7. Applying brown eyeliner
8. Applying mascara
9. Lipstick / other lip color.

Pretty simple! The reason why I love to do simple makeup in just 10 minutes, because I'm just too lazy. If some people here also ask me for makeup routine tutorial, I don't know... I never ready to record or film that too. I am just freakin lazy to zoom in and zoom out every details about my makeup and my face. I am going to work on that later. 

By the way, good luck trying all of those products!


Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Just watched the video and i agree with you. I never bring too much make up during travelling because it gonna be so heavy. Also, it would be a great problem for me if i lost or misplace it because it means that I have to buy it again T.T which is quite expensive xD

  2. your makeup collection is a heaven for girls, Margie.
    and I do agree with you too, while you are traveling just travel light and do not bring too much makeup, only the necessary things :D

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