Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 2015 : My Current Favorite Snacks x Deka Dua Kelinci

Special Note : 
I really want to post about this snack review since long time ago, but I do have another sponsorship contract to done for. Based on the professionalism, I need to get done some other company's product review in the first hand. I never lie to my blog readers about my product reviews (about beauty, fashion, accessories, restaurant / culinary, and all aspects are all true based in my own opinion).


Comeback again to the review, I've been craving for this snack (probably 2 months already). Dua Kelinci company sent these snacks for me. They're just so kind, weren't they? My favorites among all of these snacks are these two, Deka Choco Nut Crepes and Deka Choco Nut Wafer Roll. Chocolate and nut are a perfect combination for me. The Choco Banana crepes is also amazing.

I believe, you can get these snacks at any kind of mini markets or super markets. Even, I went to the nearest traditional market (not far away from my house) and I found out a lady who sold these snacks in her small snack store. I saw so many kids were also craving for these snacks there.

About the flavors are all good. When I ate these snacks, I didn't feel weird at all. You know, sometimes... You eat some snacks (biscuits / etc.), you'll get this weird feeling... just like,... factory snacks weird flavors combined together inside your mouth. Ewh! But, Deka snacks are not like that at all. I am being honest with you guys, these snacks are DA BOOM!

Because so many positive feedbacks that I can see, I do want to share this amazing new snack line from Dua Kelinci with a complete information based in my opinion to all of you guys! Hope you can try these snacks as soon as possible! Remember, the Choco Nut crepes and wafer roll are my favorites!



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