Monday, August 17, 2015

August 2015 : What's In My Bag / Purse? 2015

Hello guys, another new video is already up on my youtube channel. Here, I want to share about my new bag. I got this bag few days ago when I went to Central Park Mall with my friend Lisa. I think, I need to challenge myself to play more with color. A little bit pop out of color won't hurt. I do attempt to use all black, white, and grey outfits lately. A little yellow pastel would be a statement piece for my outfit then.


ZARA Zip Pocket Mini City Bag :
(Online price is cheaper than the store price.)


Front Pocket :
1. Headset - Samsung
2. Dry Tissues
3. Wet Tissues / Wet Wipes - Dettol
4. A piece of paper
5. Power Bank or Portable Charger
6. Pink Pen

Main Pocket :
1. Snacks (Lollipop and Fruitbar from Fitbar)
2. iPod 4th Generation
3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8inch
4. Leather Wallet - Bonia
5. Coin Purse / Wallet
6. My Makeup Pouch

+Extra - Inside My Makeup Pouch :
1. Bath & Bodyworks Fragrance Mist 88ml - Butterfly Flower
2. Maybelline Baby Lips Color - Cherry Kiss
3. Maybelline Baby Lips Color - Coral Flush
4. Etude House Dear Darling Tint - No.3 Orange Red
5. Innisfree Jelly Tint Summer Limited Edition - No.5 Pink Berry
6. Etude House Aloe Soothing Cream
7. Every girl's necessity softex / pads - Charm
8. Recycle Newspaper / paper
9. Face Mask Dust Free
10. Little Mirror
11. Little Hair comb
12. Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free Cake Powder - No. 02 Natural
13. Black Hair tie
14. Emergency Plastic Bag
15. Emergency Medicines


  1. i'm now reviewing korean make up and beauty products to buy before i go back so thank you for sharing what you use Margiee <3

    Pudding Monster

  2. totally love the bag post
    and you do have a lot of things inside! hahah
    style frontier