Sunday, August 9, 2015

Beauty Review : The Faceshop Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel [It Contains Glycerin!]

Happy Sunday! I just want to share to you about a new product. I've been trying this product for a week. I personally like this product. Just a little bit declaimer that this is not a sponsored blog post. The Faceshop is never paying me to write a beauty review.

I went to The Faceshop store week ago with my mom. The lady at the store suggested a promo and I got this soothing gel with a nice deal. So here it is the review!


1. You can apply this product almost everywhere, your elbow, knee, face, armpits, etc.
2. It does the job to soothing and moisturize some dry areas at your body.
3. It has soothing effect.
4. No perfume contained. 
5. It contains 99% Damyang Bamboo Extract aka natural ingredient allert!
6. It's really good to heal sunburn! This is a great natural product to heal your sunburn...
7. You'll get a lot of product in one container, plus it's not expensive at all. Nice deal huh? The price is only around $9
8. Great for all skin types. (My skin type is sensitive and combination.)

Special updated info :
Nikkietutorials (MUA and Beauty Guru on youtube) mentioned that she always applies Nivea Men Moisturizer for Sensitive skin because the product does moisturize her skin pretty well, plus the product contains Glycerin. Glycerin makes your makeup products stick pretty well to your skin smoothly. But sadly, I live in Indonesia and I can't get that product here.

So I recommend the dupe of the Nivea Men Moisturizer and the product is this Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel. This product is affordable and coming with a lot amount of products in one container. Plus, it contains Glycerin as well and really safe for all skin types.


- I prefer if the packaging comes with a tube. This container makes me do a double dipping. Make sure, you  use clean spatula or use your clean finger to get the product out from the container. You don't want to make bacterias grow fast inside that product, don't you?

Do you want to give a try? This product is coming with a nice deal and really good for making your skin look way healthier than before.


  1. klo mau yg tube innisfree juga ada aloe gel, yg punya innisfree aloe nya dr jeju, aritaum juga ngeluarin aloe gel yg tube :)

    1. Hampir semua brand mengeluarkan produk yang sama dan yang paling terkenal adalah milik Nature Republic (padahal aloe vera gel sudah diproduksi sejak lama). Gusah bicara mengenai merk Korea, merk lokal Indonesia juga banyak kok yang memproduksi. Tetapi produk ini layak untuk mendapatkan hype juga karena kandungan glycerin yang efektif untuk membuat produk di atasnya menempel lebih lama.