Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Journey in Jakarta - Roemah Kuliner

Roemah Kuliner. Metropole XXI. Jl. Diponegoro no.59-61. Jakarta. Indonesia.

I just have time to post these photos to my blog. Yes, we visited Roemah Kuliner. It was my second experience to be true. I ordered a single bowl of noodle, it was amaziiing! Kenny ordered some random Indonesian food and Lisa ordered Es Campur. Kenny was not really felt satisfied with his own meal. The taste was just,... so so?

But again, this restaurant interior is amazing. The place it self is so instagram-able. I do recommend the noodle. This restaurant is located at the second level of Metropole Building (the old name was Megaria). So there are some restaurants or places to eat and cinema at the first floor. In fact that this place is so strategic (near some offices or public area). There are several hotels near this place as well. 

Please try to visit here soon if you never have an experience before... 


  1. the place looks vintage thoo <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  2. great place to chill!


  3. looks like a cozy resto! gg to try soon when i go back jkt ><