Friday, September 11, 2015

Euphoria Project x Tribeca Over Pop-up 2015 [PART 1]

Euphoria Project x Tribeca Over Pop-up 2015
at Central Park Mall

Top - Bangkok, Skirt - Simplicity, Bag -  ZARA, Beanie - Korea, Shoes - converse, Glasses - Bali

I am feeling happy today because I can go to the hottest event in my town called Euphoria Project x Tribeca Over Pop-up at Central Park mall, West Jakarta. I am going there with my friends, they are Lisa, Dewi, Safira, and Revin. We just go to grab some snacks at the food area. We try poop breads and a single bottle banana milk from the food counter. There are so many good snacks and foods there. 

I don't have any plan to go shopping at the fashion booth. I just don't know what to buy because I currently do not need so many quirky things in my wardrobe. So for today, I am going to ZARA and getting some new comfy tshirts that I can wear almost everywhere. I am going to be back studying at my university in a couple weeks forward. I just need to stop to buy junks for my wardrobe and start to buy more essential stuffs.

By the way, the OOTDINDO crew discovered me on the street. Thank you so much for taking my ootd pictures today! I am going there again on Saturday, see you guys there! Say hi if you see me on the street!

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