Sunday, September 13, 2015

Euphoria Project x Tribeca Over Pop-up 2015 [PART 2]

Euphoria Project x Tribeca Over Pop-up 2015
at Central Park Mall
Top - PEACEMINUSONE, Leather Jegging - UNIQLO, Clutch - StyleNanda, Mina Kwon Inspired Wreckless Snapback - Korea, Shoes - NIKE


It was super fun. I did a meet up with several people from the virtual world, in real life. I was there around 4PM with my best boy friend, Kenny. We just did look around a little bit to the food venue / area. Too crowded, we decided to go upstairs to Taimei. We bought several foods and drinks at Taimei, those were quite good.

Endy came along to Taimei and we just did several chit chat. Also Ito Fabian (my elementary school friend) joined our group conversation at Taimei. We did enjoy a little bit chit chat moment and suddenly Boris N. (my new friend) just told me that he was there downstairs. We met him and his photographer friends. Luckily that my ootd for today also got snapped by them.

Jessica Paramartha (my new friend) also joined our chill time around 6PM. I just had a small chit and chat because I wanted to go to the cinema with Kenny. We already bought our cinema tickets for 6.30PM. I felt a little bit sad to left her just like that, but it's okay... Ito and Boris were there with her tho. Next time, Jess! Next time!

After Me and Kenny finished our movie at the CGV Blitz, we went downstairs again. Why? Because my blogger friends were coming to see us. I did a meet up with some awesome bloggers as well. Probably, you already knew some of them from Instagram. Janine and Nada were pretty well known on instagram. Janine is a makeup artist (girl with a pink hair) and Nada is a Hijab Fashion Blogger. Gosh, they were so pretty in real life. 

Actually, that day was not being my first day to do a meet up with Ollyvia Laura (a girl with a white outer and black inner). She is one of my favorite fashion blogger as well. We're pretty close to each other even tho that she is currently living in Manado and I am living in Jakarta.


  1. I love your simple outfit Margie! <3 I wish I could meet you yesterday :(

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  2. Aaa~ margie kenal sama ito? :o hahahaha
    btw your tee looks super cool <33

    cheer, michelle ~

    1. He is my elementary school friend at SDK Abdi Siswa Taman Aries back in the day. Finally, we did a meet up after 10 years separated, lol.

  3. Shoes on point!

  4. cool look!