Friday, September 4, 2015

Jakarta x Seoul Meet Up

People in this post : Pris, Dea, Me, and Kenny

Outfit Details :

Outer - New Look, Inner - Marie & Frisco, Black Jeans - LOGO, Wedges - Steve Madden, Leather Bag - my own collection


I met these gorgeous people last month. I just have a time to post about this, right now. I feel so sorry for them because I delayed about this post for such a long time. But It's better rather than nothing. Now, I can sharing these photos with them via LINE. I had so many excuses going on because I did so many things lately, from fashion show - event live reports.

But hey, I'm gonna introduce my new friend, just call her Pris (her korean name is Lee Ye Eun). She is korean and currently being busy with her study and her youtube channel. Some of her videos are going viral in Indonesia. I actually planned to met her since few months ago, but she was in Korea (I wanted to met her for an interview). Accidentally Dea also knew her from social media, that's why she joined our meet up. Gladly, She came back for a moment to Indonesia because most of her family members are also staying in this country. If you want to check her youtube channel, just click here!

We just had lunch together. Me and Kenny was arrived first at the restaurant, Pris came 5 minutes after that, and Dea was just being a little bit stuck with the Jakarta horrifying traffic jam. Finally, Dea arrived probably 20 minutes after we already ordered our drinks and meals.

Nice to meet you guys, I feel so happy to find another social media mate. Especially because I tried so hard improving my Korean Language. Probably Pris could help me a little bit, lol!

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  1. Nice to meet you guys !