Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Journey to Pekalongan - Sari Beach (Pantai Sari)

This post was all about my Summer Road Trip 2015 around Central Java with my family. For the first day, we were stopped by at Pekalongan. We never had been here before. We should give it a try to visit this small city. We went to our hotel, after we suffered and found out a nice hotel from a traveling application on our smartphone. We checked in at Dafam Hotel and booked 2 rooms with two separated beds and connecting door (2 big rooms and connected to each other).

We took a nap for several hours because it was a road trip. We drove our own car for almost a week. That was only the first day, lol. After that, we went straight to the seafood restaurant (not too fancy but the foods are amazing) near the Sari Beach or Pantai Sari. We booked our seats. The lady whose (probably, I am not sure) the restaurant recommended us to visited the beach first.

Okay, we only stepped several feet and we arrived at the Beach. Nothing special, just took some photos with my family. We enjoyed the sunset and also observed the locals. I was not wearing any makeup on my face. Just, whatever ... I was not there for a fashion blog post tho. The worst thing about the beach, it was so freaking dirty. I felt so bad because the locals were littering almost everywhere. Originally, the beach scenery it self was kinda beautiful (especially for watching the sunset). Trashes just made the beach scenery looked worst.

Watch our road trip journey, by click the play button here!

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