Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Journey to Solo [Surakarta] - Rumah Sosis & ZUSHIODA

Outfit :
T-shirt - ZARA, Skort - Forever21, Shoes - Adidas Superstar, Bag - UNIQLO

Place :
(Beside Beteng Trade Centre)
Jl. Mayor Sunaryo, Ps. Kliwon, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah 57133


Another journey from my last road trip with my family. I just have a little time to update about this. I am currently not feeling well about my body, staying at home doing nothing and blogging is the one thing to be priority.

I just want to say sorry because I was wearing a pretty damn comfy clothes rather than fancy outfit for another OOTD pictures. What ever, I went there because of the foods.

I was discovered a new place to eat because my uncle recommended to me. I went to Beteng, Solo / Surakarta to tried this new place called Rumah Sosis. Surprisingly the name's actually Rumah Sosis Bandung, why the hell they opened in Solo then? Ah, probably just a typical culinary business branches.

I didn't order any food from Rumah Sosis, I actually ordered Sushi from ZUSHIODA (when at the end, I also discovered ZUSHIODA also have several restaurant branches in Jakarta. I never heard this sushi restaurant before). But, my brother ordered a single plate of beef sausage with mashed potato from Rumah Sosis. It's quite nice but it was taste a little bit spicy because of the black pepper mixed with the beef sausage.

Finished with our meals, I remembered inside the food truck (that apparently was a bus) there was an ice cream corner. I asked my brother to bought me a single stick ice cream in Durian flavor. DAMN, it was da boom! It was so delicious and I ended up ordering more.

Watch our road trip journey, by click the play button here!

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  1. Aaa~ looks like you had a great trip <33

    cheer, michelle ~