Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Journey to Belitung Island - Island Hopping (Pulau Kepayang, Pulau Burung, Pulau Lengkuas, & Pulau Pasir)

If you guys want to visit Belitung, please make sure to always care about our environment. DO NOT LITTER (JANGAN BUANG SAMPAH ANDA DI SEMBARANG TEMPAT). Because Belitung is such a beautiful place to visit. I just hope all local or international tourists care about the local environment.
Kepayang Island

We were waiting for our boat at Tanjung Kelayang. We got our lunch at Kepayang Island, but some locals called this island as Pulau Kepayang or Pulau Babi (babi means pig in Bahasa Indonesia) or Pulau Gede (gede means huge or humongous in Bahasa Indonesia)

Continue our journey before we left this island to go to another small islands (part of Belitung Island Hopping Tour). We decided to visit a turtle breeding place. We walked around 10 - 15 minutes. Walk around again and we found a nice view at the back area. 

Burung Island

Finished our to do lists in Kepayang Island, we continued our journey to Burung Island or the locals called this island as Pulau Burung. (Burung means bird in Bahasa Indonesia). You can see an amazing view and a lot of birds are flying everywhere. You also can see so many granite stones that looked alike as Garuda Bird (our country national symbol). 

We already brought some baby turtles with us and we decided to release those baby turtles.

Lengkuas Island

We continued our journey again to see the amazing lighthouse at Lengkuas Island (Pulau Lengkuas). But we couldn't go to the top because that light house was still under renovation. But well, we still took a lot of nice photos there. After that some of us decided to go snorkeling near Lengkuas Island.

Pasir Island

Kepayang Island, Burung Island, Lengkuas Island, and the last destination was Pasir Island. The special thing about this island, if the water level is quite high... this island is going to disappear. But if the water level is not that high, you can visit this island and find so many starfishes.

I really want to comeback to this island again, but I don't have time to do that. Because next year, I am going to comeback to Seoul and I am saving my own money. If I have so many free time and enough money from my own pocket, probably Belitung is going to be on my top list.

I really recommend this place to all tourists from around the world, even for all Indonesian people. Discover more about local tourism destinations, you will feel surprise. Our country, Indonesia is freaking rich. You can see the exact real mother nature that you probably can only imagine that before.


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