Saturday, February 20, 2016

Beauty Review : The Faceshop CC CUSHION INTENSE COVER [V203 Natural Beige]

I just pressed the sponge applicator once.

My skin type is combination and sensitive, that's the reason why my face turned out a little bit oily. You just need to reapply your cushion if you have the same skin type as me / apply your translucent powder.


Comeback again to my blog and now I am giving you my honest review about The Faceshop latest product called CC CUSHION INTENSE COVER. Few weeks ago, my skin was not in a good condition. Hormonal factor maybe, I got acne on my skin. Gladly, my is getting better now. But those acne scars are still there, I need to cover it up before I go out. I want to look nice and have a healthy skin with a slightly natural makeup. The answer is yes, CC CUSHION INTENSE COVER helps me a lot.

Positive Points :

- Packaging is so cute, polish, and travel friendly.
- The price is not that expensive if you get it online maybe around $12 and if you buy at the local The Faceshop Indonesia counter, you can spend around Rp 329,000.- ($24) with one piece free refill.
- The product does a perfect job to cover your imperfections, so high coverage even only with one layer application.
- It doesn't not only cover your imperfections, but CC Cushion gives you skin nutrition.
- It has SPF 50 PA+++!! This product gonna protect your skin from a dangerous / strong sunlight during the day.
- If you live in tropical country, this product is also suitable for you.
- Giving you a brightening effect.
- The sponge applicator is so soft and has several filters (because several other cushion brands never really care about their sponge applicator, ended up the sponge absorbs 70% of the product before you apply it on your own skin)
- The coverage stays for a quite long time even without a single touch up. But still, because I have combination skin type, my face turns out to be a little bit oily. Hey the coverage is still there tho. (It's not being a big problem, just touch up your face with the cushion again or apply a mineral / translucent powder.)

Negative Points :

- There are no bigger skin color variations for this product. (They have 2 different skin color variations for now, V201 and V203 in The Faceshop Indonesia counters. The actual lightest color is in V103.)
[I think, people who have darker skin color can't use this product. This product is way suitable for people who have typical range asian type of skin color. The target market is still for asian people who mostly come from Asia (such as South Korea, China, Japan, or other SEA Countries)]

Thank you The Faceshop Indonesia for sending me so many good products to try on! I can't wait to put another honest review.



  1. Omg, I think i need it! Thanks for the review, its looks good to cover acne scar and redness! <3

  2. Margaret, I always love reading your beauty review. It's like I've gained new beauty knowledge just by reading your articles.
    I already tried this CC Cushion as well, I am using the Ultra Moist and it perfectly suits my skin face.

    anyway love to see you again in that event, thought we only met just for few minutes :)