Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Beauty Review : MAKE OVER Camouflage Cream Face Concealer & Swatches


Instructions :

# Light Beige (krem muda) : highlighting under your eye area / T zone.
# Beige (kecoklatan) : covering your brownish dark spots / dark acne scars / freckles 
# Light Green (hijau pupus) : covering your acnes (+redness)
# Light Purple (ungu muda) : brightening effect for any dull areas.
# Brownish Orange (orange kecoklatan) : brightening the dark areas / greyish areas, such as worst dark circles / use it as a cream blush on your cheek.


Positive Points :

- If you are beginner in makeup, you can read the instructions at the back of the packaging.
- Creamy Texture
- Easy to blend with any beauty tools (makeup sponge or concealer blending brush)
- Last pretty long to cover every imperfections that you have! (up to 6 hours)
- Suitable for any skin types (oily, dry, combination, or even sensitive)
- Suitable for any skin colors with yellow or pink undertone color (except you are really fair like most white western people :") because this camouflage concealer is being made especially suit to asian people's skin colors)
- It has Vitamin E, pretty good and safe product to your skin.
- Travel friendly, you can put this palette inside your makeup bag without taking so much space.
- The product came with a small brush applicator.
- High end looking packaging and affordable price Rp 125.000,- / $9-$10 with amazing quality as well. (if you say that this thing is still expensive, then you need to think again and try to compare to other drugstore brands that sell concealer more than Rp 150.000,- with horrible quality)

Negative Points :

- Not the most hygienic way to apply it with your own finger and do double dipping to the product. But yet, I am still doing it because it's easier to apply the concealer to my skin. But make sure, your hands are all clean!
- If you are not setting it with powder after you use it, it's going to crease a little bit. (like most concealers do, it's a normal thing).

Tips :

- Don't forget to setting everything in with loose powder (especially if you have oily and combination skin).
- Use the concealer brush applicator that came with it / if it's not working or because it's too small, just use any concealer brush or makeup sponge that you have.


  1. Was thrilled to know that this only costs Rp 125.000. The first time I saw this, I thought this gonna be like 500.000+. Thank you for the recommendation. This definitely gonna be my next try >.<


  2. wow nice tutorial!!