Sunday, February 28, 2016

Friends Over Flowers

Baseball outer - COLORBOX Indonesia, Inner - MANGO, Skort - Bangkok, Snapback - Korea, Shoes - Adidas Superstar Leopard Core Black

Yes, finally i post several pictures of me and my friend. I am going to review this amazing place in another blog post. For today, I am just going to share with you my ootd and my friend's cute ootd. So this is my friend Dara, we actually met at the university. We went to the same major, International Relations. First and second semester, I was not really close with her because we didn't talk that much back then. We finally started to talk in fourth semester, we realized that we do have so many common things. We idolize the same boygroup, singer, and we both have kinda same fashion taste.

Actually, I am being close with 6 other girls. We made line group and chat almost everyday. We shared knowledges, stories, and many interesting things. But most of all, I love them because I can go travel with them. Mostly with Dara because we planned to visit Korea on our holiday break (September 2016). Please wait for our vlog and blog post updates in Korea. I can't wait to spend time more with her and 6 other girls. Always be like this for a really long time girls, woof you all!