Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Journey to Bandung - CUPS { Coffee & Kitchen }

CUPS { Coffee & Kitchen }

Jalan Trunojoyo No.25, Bandung Wetan, Jawa Barat 40115

Last time, I posted a fashion post and all those pictures were taken in this place called CUPS { Coffee & Kitchen }. I went there with my 2 other friends, dara and vani (my traveling buddies). We ordered 3 drinks and I ordered a bowl of french fries with melted cheese on top. The cafe environment is quite nice and the place itself is so instagram-able. We took so many photos there lmao. Because whatever dude, I never know when I able to comeback to that place again. 

About those drinks (that we ordered), those were so-so. I already tried so many good frappes and ice chocolates out there and those were not my favorites tbh (at least, I share my true opinion and it doesn't mean I don't like this cafe). We ordered Red Velvet, Green Tea (idk both of those were frappes or not la, the thing that I remembered...everything was cold drinks), and Ice Chocolate. The ice chocolate was a little bit tasteless and I could only feel the taste of chocolate sweetened condensed milk, nothing special. (The signature ice chocolate from Starbucks is way better, so sorry I'm comparing this cafe to another well known brand :") sorry)

But hey, this place is quite nice. Probably you need to try to visit and take pictures there. The customer service and all waiters are pretty nice too. But I am not recommending to order the same thing as what we already ordered before because honestly those are not the best drinks that they can offer.


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