Sunday, March 13, 2016

Random : Margareta Vania | Fashion Blog and Channel Intro

Hello guys! Here it is my newest video intro for my youtube channel and my blog. I hope all of you like it and keep supporting me. Your little support means big for me. From this video, you can see how I try to improve myself. 


I make this blog, because I love to share about things that I like with you guys. I am not doing this only for money or fame. I do hate to see several bloggers that only do blogging because based on searching extra fame or money. Those kind of bloggers are not going to stay for too long in this industry and some of them are going to get star syndrome everywhere.

I already do my job for the longest time . I am running this blog independently. I don't want to join several community that force me only to act fake and posting something that everyone wants to see. I post everything that I like, enjoy, and love. I post everything in honesty and dignity. You can't buy my originality and suddenly act kind approaching me.

Hope you guys have a great day ahead! God bless you!

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