Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beauty Review : ColourPop Ultra Matte To Go - Foxy (Holidays Set)

(from left to right)
Beeper, Clueless, Tulle, Creeper, More Better

I do not need to explain too much about the product because you already see the reviews from all those photos above. 

I am going to focus myself to talk about the formula. The formula is so smooth and really easy to be applied on your lips. There is no gap area when you apply this liquid lipcream to your lips. Also, there is no chemical scent (which is the most important thing for me, it smells like almost nothing when it dries on lips). The mini size lip creams contain 0.09g/0.0317 oz and the originals contain 3.2 g /0.11 oz.

This mini lip kit set is actually coming with 2 different holidays sets, they are kitty and foxy. I bought the foxy one, based on my real opinion. I love all these five colors from this foxy set.

I am going to make lists about the positive and negative points.

Positive Points :
- Affordable : $20/box (if you buy via online store from Indonesia, one box costs $28)
- So many color variants in one box
- Travel friendly
- Highly pigmented
- Adorable (lol!)
- Kiss proof, it doesn't transfer that much.

Fun fact : Colourpop "Creeper" is the dupe of Kylie Jenner Lip Kit "Mary Jo K"

Negative Points :
- It's smudging a little bit, especially for those lip creams with contrast colors (creeper and more better) but for those nude colors such as beeper, clueless, and tulle, those are less smudging that the other two.

How to remove it?
  • You need to use eye and lip makeup remover with oil based. If you don't have it, you basically can use baby oil / olive oil to erase it. 
  • No need to feel afraid, this product is safe for you! These colourpop lip cream don't do much color transfer but it doesn't mean this product can't smudge. I do believe that if a lipstick is a bit smudging, the chemical formula is way safer / containing less chemical ingredients than those lipsticks out there that even can't do color transfer at all.
Is it staying on my lips for a long time?

Yes, it is. I even eat a lot of oily Indonesian foods, but the lip color is still there. There is nothing problem to reapply the lip cream to your lips either. 

By the way. I even washed my face few minutes ago before I posted this,.. guess what? the lip color right now is still here on my lips lol. Remember to read my tips about how to remove this lip cream.

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