Friday, April 1, 2016

Beauty Review : MAKEOVER Perfect Shade Blush On Palette


#01 Pink Fantasist, #02 Iredescent Pink, #03 Promiscious Peach, #04 Royal Espresso, #05 Brown Strada, #06 Caribbean Sunset, #07 Scarlet Sheen, #08 Cruise Coral



Hello everyone! I know, I am just being late for reviewing this awesome product. But well, I am going to do my best to review this amazing palette for you guys. I bought this palette yesterday because on the next day (which is today), I will do someone's makeup in fashion and beauty forum. Yes, I get paid for doing someone's makeup.

I don't want to make a pretty long review like any other beauty bloggers always do. I just want to highlight some important points and from my own research / experience.

Positive Points:

- Affordable price : Rp 259,000.- (around $23)
- Amazing packaging.
- Highly pigmented
- At the packaging, there are some details about the ingredients and expiry day.
- No need to worry the product will melt away from your face, it's going to stick on your face for quite long time (see the wipe test, I need to clean those 3 times).
- Infused / Satin finish on your skin.
- Texture powdery but yet creamy and easy to blend.
- Some colors have a little bit shimmer, for example : BO 01 Pink Fantasist
- You can popped out the blush on from the palette and move it to another palette that you have!

Negative Points:

- None. Because for $23, you can get all of these colors with high quality. Suitable for pro makeup artist and beginner.

The lady of the counter was so nice and she explained really well about the product. Even this product has an expiry day printed on, if the condition of this palette is still good... you are still being allowed to use this palette. Wait until there are some clues of an expiry product, for example : changing colors, it smells bad, and moldy.



  1. Have been reading few products of make over from your blog. I think its a very brilliant make up to try, considering its price. I will try it soon. Thank you for your review.

    1. yeap, it's such an amazing product. proud to local brand.