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Beauty Review : Started to Drink Detox and Daily Juice by Cold Press Indonesia

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Detox Juice

My Thoughts :

I am feeling really surprised that there is a detox juice brand in Indonesia that delivered your own detox juice based on your needs and preferences up until in front of your house. How amazing is that? The most shocking thing, Cold Press ID also delivered my detox juices with the coolbag. I was getting excited since the beginning and feeling so shock once again to see the amount of juice that Cold Press ID already sent to me. I got 12 bottles of fresh detox juice. I was choosing the Skin Glow and Weight Maintenance program from the menu (you can access it on their website and order it by your own). 

From the packaging, it's so to the point and quite big. If I pour the juice from the bottle to my glass, I can fill it twice. Each bottle has different numbers from one until six. Basically, you need to do this basic detox in one day, but I can't drink all of these juices because this is my first time doing it by drinking juice under a certain rule / program, lol. So I drink 3 bottles per day. I drink each of it 30 minutes before I usually get my meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). I am also doing a great balancing with a simple exercise at home. You just basically need to follow those numbers and you're done. You can see the ingredients and expired date at the back as well. But the sad thing, I never want to bring this juice bottle outside with me because it's a little bit bulky and some of those caps are a little bit hard to be open.

The flavors, definitely not as bad as other detox drinks / juices that I tried before. My mom said the same thing. Yes, she actually tried 6 of those. Gladly everything from these bottles are coming from nature and 100% natural. That's the reason why I don't taste any weird stuffs inside or chemical smells. Good!

Is it really working on me?

Few days ago, I felt so sick and I couldn't even wake up from my bed. But thankfully, because I already drank all of those and my lifestyle was getting better for the past one - two weeks, my immunity's also getting better. I RECOVERED REALLY FAST. LIKE DAMN... THE NEXT DAY, I ALREADY CONTINUED MY BUSY MORNING. I could go to my campus, I ate like ordinary, and continued working after that. This is insane. I do not put anything fake on my story here, but even I feel surprised on how my body only need "one night" recovery after a huge mess (high fever and such as).

My skin is also getting better. No, it doesn't mean my skin is getting lighter suddenly... but yes, my skin is having a natural glow now (which means) my skin is definitely healthier and I don't produce that much of oil again lol. No dull skin anymore! Thanked to Cold Press ID tho... this is such an amazing experience for me *criii*

About how I feel on the "Weight Maintenance" side,... I also read so many reviews before I write my own. So many people said that this Weight Maintenance program is really working. Basically, I am skinny and I can't gain any extra fats. I burn those fats down easily and I do my business (ps : going to the bathroom lol) regularly. In my own experience, by drinking detox juices definitely making my body feeling a lot better, fit, and making my body in a great shape. This program doesn't make me loose massive weight, BECAUSE I AM ALREADY SKINNY. Once again, It's just helping me to make my body turning into a way greater shape. Also due to my jogging, squat, or sit up routine. 

Remember! It's so important to combine your detox routine with a great exercise routine!

Imporant notes that Cold Press ID offers you 5N Juices, there are :
  • No Preservatives
  • No Additives
  • No Colorings
  • No Concentrate
  • No Added Water
  • No Added Sugar

My score for this Daily Juice Series = 8.5 / 10 
(based on the packaging that's a little bit bulky or big, practical to consume but yet still healthy and natural, and the flavors are all delicious and tasty!

Daily Juice

My Thoughts :

About the Daily Juice series, I do really like it. It's easy to bringing little bottle in my lunch bag as well. When I go in a rush in the morning, I usually grab one of these and drink it at my campus while waiting for my morning class. Basically I really love all the flavors, so fresh and natural. If you are a busy parent / even a busy student like me, these daily juices are saving your time. There is no need to preparing vegetables or fruits on your own. You just need to grab one of these and off to go!

From the packaging, I really love it as well. You can see the juice name on the bottle, the ingredient and the expired date at the back. I try to save the juice until 2 days after the expired day (I want to check it out, if it is still save or not) and it's still good. I don't feel any stomachache or some kind of weird side effects after I drink it. But I am still not recommending to save it up for too toooo long for your own health, lol it's just me checking around for making this blog review. There is no need to try to save it up for too long, except you are getting forget to drink it for more than a day.

My score for this Daily Juice Series = 9.8 / 10 
(based on the packaging, practical to consume but yet still healthy and natural, and the flavors are all delicious and tasty!

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