Saturday, May 7, 2016

Margareta Vania x BinusTV - Saturday Morning Show (Web Show at


Hello everyone! Welcome back again to my blog. Lately, I share a lot of things about my featured moments with several media companies. I am feeling so grateful because in the past 4 months, so many of you guys (especially from several media companies) contacted me to do something interesting. This time, I am going to share with you about my featured moment collaborated with BinusTV for a show called "Saturday Morning Show". I experienced before a collaboration show with BinusTV for Outfit of the day theme youtube show.

This show is different and it's way more like a sit down, chill web talkshow. This show is basically for people who are 17+, because somehow those guys are saying flirty jokes in front of camera to make this show way more interesting. I want to say sorry first, because I looked like shit in that frame. lol. Pretty much, I couldn't laugh freely because I was feeling a bit sick and tired. When I was participating in that show, I just went straight to the studio after I was done with my work "teaching korean language" in Pondok Indah area (quite far from the studio). Could you imagine that?

They interviewed me about my social media accounts, about my followers, photo concepts, we talked about my postings, and played a game. They also asked my opinion about LGBT and it was pretty awkward because I am totally fine with LGBT. Do not get me wrong here guys, I am not saying that it's a "good thing" because I was born in a pretty religious family. But hey, it's their decisions tho and nothing wrong if you love your partner either with the same gender or the opposite gender. That's just my thought. Because I work in fashion industry and already meet so many people in this society, I am getting used to see my friends who are being included in LGBT community. At least, they are not bothering me... I am fine with it.

I feel just a little bit sad, because the topic was turning out to talk about LGBT rather than my life or my job. I hope that they can focusing in someone's great achievements and make some fresh jokes rather than bring any sensitive topics to online media. It was a pretty awkward moment for me when they asked "do you ever dream to be a lesbian or like your own girl friend?". Like what the heck? I answered, "no. I never ever think about it." Suddenly our conversation was dead already.

How do you think about it?


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  1. aaaa you are really going on top margie :)) so happy for you. keep inspiring, gorgeous. you deserve it <3

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