Friday, May 6, 2016

Margareta Vania x Bvoice Radio for AIGOO Radio Show

My late update about my first moment ever collaborated with Bvoice Radio. I do feel really happy to remember that moment. Actually Cath (person who taken control for AIGOO show) contacted me to be the guest star for the live radio show. Bvoice Radio is pretty well known in Binus University and among several university students. Actually being featured in Bvoice Radio show is also one of my bucket list, why? Because I'm a student in that university. I already got featured in several BinusTV shows, it's about time to participated in Bvoice Radio program. Finally I did it!

That photo was taken on the spot by my best friend, Dara. She is one of the senior there at Bvoice Radio. Lucky me that I had been knowing Dara since then. She said "I am looking like a proud mom here mar!" LOL. It's pretty awkward and fun at the same time of course, she looked at me because I'm her friend and she's also one of the senior there. Interesting.

They interviewed me about my job as a blogger, model, and an university student. How can I manage my time due to busy schedule everyday, yadda yadda yadda. Plus, I introduced my informal study club called Korean101 Indonesia. I opened this informal study club last year. I want to improve my korean language skill and help other people who want to learn korean language (especially people who have tight budget or difficulties in economy bakcground). 

We played games such as "Guess the word in Korean" and "Kpop Public Knowledge" hahaha. I sang a bit at the end because I acknowledge G-Dragon's debut experience, oh my gosh I totally forgot about the real answer tho. They asked "what is the first song that GD sang at the audition?" LOL FORGIVE ME GD Sunbae! But hey, finally I could sing a song live on a radio show. I sang a small part of WINNER - Baby Baby.

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