Sunday, June 26, 2016


Outer - Vintage, Inner - Cotton On, Pants - myrubylicious, Shoes - deazzle, Sunnies - UNIQLO

Hello guys, I am back with a new outfit of the day post. 

As you might not notice, I did coloring my hair last month. My hair color now is reddish brown color. I don't want to change into another color yet because at the end of the month, I need to go to Thailand for teaching purpose. I might not be allowed to have weird colored hairstyle. But, I make sure that I am going to change my hairstyle and hair color to be a unicorn hairstyle.

Actually, this is my second time to colored my hair. The first time was not staying for a long period. Probably it was just for 3-4 days long. Now, it had been a month straight. I am going to recolor my hair color before I go to South Korea in September 2016. Wait for it! I am going to surprise everyone, including my family. lol. Because my parents really do hate it when their daughter tries to do silly things. But in my mind, expressing my emotion and excitement by coloring my own hair is such a cool idea. I want to try something new and experience something new with my hair too.

Certain hairstyles can change someone's look and expression right? I just can't wait. Day by day, I just hope that someday I can coloring my hair to something fresh, cute, and unique. How about brown and pink? =]