Wednesday, June 8, 2016

OOTD x ASK.FM Goodies

Baseball Cap and Socks - H&M, Outer and White Simple Dress - myrubylicious, Shoes - Adidas Superstar, Bag - gift from

Finally, I post my outfit of the day on my blog after a long time. So sorry guys, I am busy for finishing my working visa to Thailand and Korea. I am going to travel a lot this year. I am going to leave Indonesia in June 30th 2016. I am going to go to Bangkok and rural areas in Thailand as a volunteer and teaching english there.

By the way, I also got verified on and they sent me so many great goodies. Such a nice service that I got from I feel so lucky because I decided to join to that platform. So many of you are wondering why am I getting official goodies on my account and questioning "who are you? why are you getting official goodies?" lol. I am just a person who being active on social media and being productive because of it. Maybe thet's the reason why crews accepted my account to be verified. Many people on now are being verified already. But I'm glad that I am not that kind of person that doing nothing but wanting my own account to be verified.


  1. Really love your outfit. Simple, but looks amazing on you.

  2. Aaah! Tempatnya lucu banget ya <3

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd