Friday, July 15, 2016

My Journey to Thailand - Touch Down in Bangkok University

Taken with Samsung Galaxy J7

Hello everyone! Long time no see. I am back with a new story. I hope all of you have a nice long holiday. I am already in Thailand and by writing this, today is actually my 16th day (I've been staying in Thailand for at least 2 weeks). I had several classes in Bangkok University before I started my project teaching English in rural area. Basically, all of us were learning about basic thai language, how to adapt with local environment, etc.

I was surprised at the first time, schools and universities here are so big. I think, the government does an amazing job to let schools and universities get large spaces. Bangkok University building is also amazing. The architecture is so modern and the facilities are great. The students are so chic (especially those art students tho). I saw Bangkok University cheerleading practice and routine, bands, students from acting class, and the university has its own cinema for students to have their own movie premiere. I wish that my university is also like that.

Right now, I am not currently staying in Bangkok. I live or stay in Sisaket province for the whole month. I already live in with my new family here (host family). She is really nice and she has 2 beautiful daughters. I really enjoy my stay in Thailand. I live with 2 other friends as well, my friend Dara my bestfriend and one new friend from China named Elaine.

In Thailand, People are so great and pretty much helpful, all thai foods are awesome, and my place to sleep is kinda proper (way better than I thought before). Everything here is so cheap comparing to my home country, Indonesia. Foods here around my place are mostly less than USD $1. I can save my money to buy something else when I already finished my project and come back to Bangkok.

Maybe some of you might ask,... how come did I decide to come here to teaching english? Well, I joined AIESEC program called Global Citizen and I applied to AIESEC Thailand program called Sawasdee Project to help less fortunate kids to learn English and exchange culture. I already write about it in my previous post, you can click here to see! Actually, I applied under Chulalongkorn University, only the event that being held in Bangkok University.

I will have my 5 days holiday from July 16th - 20th 2016 (Thailand Buddhist holiday). I think, I am going to go to Ubon province to accompany my host family to pray at the local temple and maybe we are going to visit wax festival as well there. I can't wait to have break time with my host family because they are all so nice to me.

I will try to update more about my life here on my blog and also I do vlogging everyday. I will upload it later on too. Once again, have a great holiday and good luck!



  1. Looks so much fun! Thailand looks amazing, have lots of fun :)


  2. ah seru banget kayaknya ya bisa ikutan program itu. Bisa nambah pengalaman dan juga teman2 baru :D

  3. looks like you had tons of fun in thailand <33

    cheer, michelle ~