Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Beauty Review : Beauty Buffet Macaron Eyeshadow

Hello everyone! I am back making a new content. I know that lately my blog is getting boring due to my lack posting schedule. Now, I am busy finishing my final year in uni. I hope that my blog readers understand that. Living inside and working on the internet is kinda funny seriously. 

Okay comeback with the actual review. So last month, I stayed in Thailand. I was doing voluntary work in Thailand for 2 months. I did shopping several beauty products too. People are talking about this Thai beauty brand a lot, named Beauty Buffet. Beauty Buffet offers us nice deal makeup and beauty products (including body care and skin care products).

I bought a big bottle of body lotion for my mom, a single BB Cream for body (pretty interesting, i will review it later on), and four cute  Macaron eyeshadows. I got those for myself in 4 bright colors : No.4 peach, No.6 raspberry, No.7 mango and No.10 earl grey.

Positive Points :
  • The packaging is legit. So creative and cute at the same time. Your makeup drawer will look amazing and it's a perfect gift for your friend.
  • Pigmentation is quite good. The color is definitely there!
  • Blend-able (if this even a word? lol)
  • Even tho those colors are so bright and vibrant, those can work on our eyelids (remembering that this is a blend-able eyeshadow).
  • Finishing of this eyeshadow : can be natural / can be a pop up color on your eyelid.
  • Affordable : 165 Baht (Rp 63.000,-)
  • Macaron eyeshadow series come with 15 different colors.
  • For more information about this eyeshadow : click here!
Negative Points :
  • If you are not getting into bright or asian makeup style, maybe this eyeshadow is not being your cup of tea.
  • It's pretty hard to get products from this brand outside Thailand, the solution is buying the products online.
  • If you are living in Indonesia, you can get Beauty Buffet products from a store called COPIA (a sister company of The Faceshop Indonesia and OPI Indonesia). Sadly is 2 times more expensive than the actual price and the collection is not as complete as in Thailand. There are several COPIA offline stores too, click here to know!
I hope that this information can help you to access products from this amazing brand from Thailand. This is not a sponsored post by any company that I mentioned above. This is my honest review about Beauty Buffet.


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