Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Journey to Thailand - Chocolate Ville Bangkok

Before I am telling a story how we ended up went to Chocolate Ville Bangkok, I would like to explain my outfit of the day first. I am not posting fashion OOTD updates for awhile, so I am going to pay you back with a new OOTD update.

Love Hand Sign Baseball Cap - Night Market Siam
Satin Long Sleeve Top - MakaStore
High Waisted Shorts - Chatuchak Weekend Market
Black Sweater
Black Suede Backpack
Shoes - Adidas Superstar Leopard Core Black

from left to right : Salwa, Dara, Gisella Anastasia, Minory, and Me

Me with Salwa, the birthday girl. 
Glad that Salwa likes that dress from H&M. She is a big fan of that brand.

Chocolate Ville
351, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
OPENING HOURS at 4PM - 12AM (Mon - Sun)

It was Salwa's birthday. We gave her a fail birthday survive the night before. It was so funny. Salwa actually went to the bathroom in our hotel room. Dara and Minory prepared the birthday cake for her.. We didn't find birthday candle, so half hour before we bought an aromatic candle. We thought at least Salwa could blow the birthday candle. But ended up, we didn't even ready yet and Salwa already finished her business in the bathroom. In the same night, we decided an awesome plan for the next day. 

We went to Chocolate Ville Bangkok. We already read so many good reviews about the place and food in there. Before we went to Chocolate Ville, we tried to visit Terminal 21 first. After we finished our business there, we ordered an online transportation. We went there by a car, thanks to uber application. We ordered uber from Terminal 21 and straight went to Chocolate Ville. Because it's quite far from Siam area, there is no BTS (Bangkok SkyTrain) providing us to go there.

Recommendation to get there (Chocolate Ville)?
I do really recommend you guys to go the by uber or grab application. It's way more efficient and cheaper than taking taxi to be honest.

What are we going to do in Chocolate Ville?
  • Having great late lunch or dinner with your friends or family.
  • Taking bunch of selfies or photos. This place is also instagram-able.
Other details :
How to go back?
You can order taxi from Chocolate Ville. They will offer you a nice package to several destination with a quite good price. For me and my friends, we were going back to Siam area. We decided to went to Siam Paragon afterwards.

Prepare your budget to visit Chocolate Ville Bangkok. I really recommend you guys to try their food and taking photos there. It's refershing, relaxing, and fun at the same time. I do recommend you to visit on weekdays rather than weekend. Because so many people are going there in the weekend, it will be so packed with lots of people.


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  1. the place looks so cute! your outfit is also so on point Margie <3

    Pudding Monster

  2. I love your outfit! And thanks for the place recommendation. Will visit it if when I visit Thailand for sure ^.^

  3. Such a beautiful place and amazing pictures! You look very cool!


  4. the place looks pretty <33

    cheer, michelle ~