Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lost At Night

Chocker - H&M, Leather Jacket - Maka Store, Inner - Apparel After Dark, Bralette - bought in Bangkok, Skirt - Manner Queen Shop, Cut out Boots - Mighty8Shoes, Bag - Korea

I am posting a new quick outfit of the day. Thank you to my friend Lisa who helped me. Basically I am starting run out of ideas about fashion blog posting. Maybe because I am not feeling energized lately by doing this thing anymore. Every person ever feels this way about his/her job, right? It feels the same way on me.

I am trying to use my old clothes because lately I started to forget about my own collection. I used to love all of these pieces. I want to try to love my collection even more or if I don't feel right at the end, I will sell it online to other people that might can use these pieces way better than me.

Oh yea, before I am getting forget to say this.. I actually sell my new and preloved stuffs online. You can access it on my online store at Carousell App or Instagram. You can access it by clicking "Online Store" button on the top of this website. I want to save more money due to charity program that I have in church. It will be nice if you go shopping on my stuffs for helping others out. All of my stuffs are quite affordable.

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