Monday, November 21, 2016

My Journey to South Korea - Watching K-Live Hologram Concert and How to?

(Schedule in September 2016, probably some changes happen for now!)

During my stay in Seoul, South Korea, I really want to try to watch uncommon show. Even tho that we have hologram technology as well in Indonesia, I never experience any hologram concert before. That's the reason why I tried K-Live Hologram Concert. I was watching K-Pop Experience Hologram Concert (PSY and BIGBANG) at 15:10 PM and BIGBANG SPECIAL Hologram Concert (G-Dragon) at  18:00 PM.

Where is K-Live?
K-Live is being located in Lotte Fitin Mall, 9Floor.
Lotte Fitin Address : 21-31 Euljiro 6(yuk)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea. (Next to Dongdaemun Design Plaza)
Google Map Directions : Click here!

How to buy?
  1. Go straight to their official website, click here!
  2. Make sure, you read "About K-Live" first before you buy your ticket!
  3. Check the most recent "Time Table" or schedule! (K-Live is closed every monday!)
  4. Click "Ticket Reservation" sign
  5. You will go directly to "Interpark" ticket website.
  6. Select date and time, based on the Time Table that you choose.
  7. Click "Buy Ticket"
  8. You will go directly to another pop up window from your browser. Choose the same date and time and then click next.
  9. Choose "Online Booking Discount" (because you are buying your tickets online) and put how many tickets that you need. Click next!
  10. Click "Pick Up at Venue" option for your ticket.
  11. Fill in all your details confirmation (email, name, etc.)
  12. Finish it with payment (I use credit card to buy my tickets).
  13. You will get email confirmation!
  14. Print and bring the confirmation email for exchange purpose at the cashier / information desk at 9 Floor.

I don't have any single footage inside the venue because i can't record anything. So many guards around me. If you are curious about Klive Hologram Concert, I have the trailer down here (0:20). But I really suggest do not watch the unofficial record from youtube because you are not going to support the artist's hard work for recording entire scenes for hologram concert. Please do appreciate!

If you are lucky like me, you are going to get more FREE TICKETS and having scene together with your idol in hologram form!

This is my story :
During my second show which was G-DRAGON (BIGBANG Special Hologram Concert at 6 PM, I was so lucky. I was being chosen as GD's girlfriend. The staff came to me. She was guarding me to the corner of the stage and there was a public telephone box. The phone was ringing and I should pick up the call.
Suddenly my body's copied version went to in front of the stage and G-Dragon started to serenading his love for me. It was so funny that I could see my own body in hologram together with G-Dragon. He sang "WHO YOU?" and I got a fake kiss scene with him. I was awkwardly dancing like a stupid fan girl.
All of my friends were laughing on me because I was so freakin nervous. It was only his hologram, I can't imagine if I do that in real life tho. It will be insane (fan girling alert). I am just kidding guys, it's just for fun. After I finished my scene, I got a gift sign. I could exchange that at the cashier / information desk for 2 free tickets to watch the next hologram concert.
To see more traveling photo updates : click here!

Don't you guys want to try to watch Hologram Concert live in Seoul, South Korea? It's every kpop fans' dream. If you live in Singapore, you also can visit K-Live Hologram Concert in Sentosa.


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  1. Hi..if i buy on9 like u did.. Do i need to show my credit card to counter to redeem my ticket??

    1. Just print the email, if you are successfully bought it online. No need to show them your CC. Then they will check it on the computer, plus the cashier lady can speak in english usually. So it will help you :)

  2. Can I get the ticket directly before the concert from the counter?

    1. Yes, but I think it's already moving to another place. You need to google KLive and find their official account on facebook for more information. Hope it helps!