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My Journey to South Korea - Monsant Cafe (카페 애월 드 몽상) by GDRAGON in Jeju Island

My photo with GDRAGON ???

Disclaimer : if you asked, "Did you do photoshop with this photo?" Then, the answer is no. I paid for this lol. Try to guess then by your own. I believe people who ever experienced this exactly know how...

Monsant Cafe by GDRAGON

2546 Aewol-ri, Aewol-eup, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea

Probably, most of you who like GDRAGON have been waiting for this blog post for ages. Yes, last time I visited South Korea and stayed there for quite long time. Me and my friends traveled a lot to so many places. One of those was Monsant Cafe. The most well known cafe in Jeju Island. Well, it's because GD's new business. (I know probably that one cafe has several owners, but GD is definitely selling this cafe because of his big name.)

Me and my friends were going there by bus. Actually my three other friends are not GDRAGON's fans or such as. But well, they just wanted to see and experienced new place. Nowhere to go, then ended up followed me and my best friend, Dara. (sorry Mino, Salwa, and Endy lol)

This cafe is not as big as I thought before. The interior was nice. Everything was so instagram-able and artistic. At least for me, I could feel GD's vibe into it. I couldn't believe myself either. I was sitting inside of GD's cafe. At the same spot as Sandara Park when she was ordered the same menu as us.

What did I and Dara order?
  • White Mountain Pizza for KRW 15,000
  • Cafe Latte for KRW 5,500
  • Mineral Water and extras (sugar etc) all for free.
It's not that expensive (remembering this is GD's cafe). The White Mountain Pizza is just so-so for me. A little bit weird maybe because I am not used to that taste. But it's fine because I was so hungry at that time. Cafe Latte's definitely nice, but nothing really surprised me. 


The unpleasant experiences just about basic things. Such as : there were so many people. We needed to wait for empty table. Also the toilet, oh my God. The door was broken (probably now is fine. But during our visit, it was not fine at all). So basically my friend helped me out by protected the door from outside. Final thing was because of rain, we were not able to sit outdoor. Sadly...

I just hope that Monsant Cafe provided more seats or tables. I don't know how, but just arrange that please. There are so many interior designer that can arrange it for this cafe. Because the space is not that big, it's going to be packed full of people. Because so many GD's fans were going there. Not only young people, people from all ages. I know that GD is the most well known celebrity in South Korea. Many people look up on him. Even I heard so many family and elders were talking like, "This is GDRAGON's cafe." or "Omo, we are in GD's cafe." So that's why many people expected and anticipated to be seated nicely.


But don't get me wrong. Everything was nice there. The service and people that work there are all nice. They helped me out and explained me about the beverages etc. All of them are all working their best. Also the number one thing, that place is clean. You can borrow umbrella as well, if it's raining. You can see beautiful sunset and beach from inside or outside area. I will comeback if I have another chance to visit Jeju.

Overal scores :

Interior : 5/5
Vibe : 4.5/5
Food and beverages : 4/5
Outdoor : 4.5/5
Comfort : 4/5
Access : 4/5
Price 4/5


How to get there?

  • Basically, if you are arrived in Jeju. One important tip is taking a travel map. Because they have bus route inside the map. Then, go to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, and take Bus #702 (towards Gosan). After about 47 minutes, get off at the bus stop called Han Dam Dong (한담동). Walk for about 5 minutes. It is right behind Bomnal Cafe (where Warm & Cozy was filmed) with grey colored and glass building.
  • Or taking Bus No. 702 and basically just follow the bus route. Stop at Han Dam Dong Station. After you arrived at the right station, I will suggest you to follow several young people or people who look like a kpop fan (lol I am freakin serious). They will go to Monsant, I will guarantee 100%. Because last time, I dropped off at the bus station and then followed 2 kpop fans from China and ended up in Monsant Cafe. I was asking to security guard (in korean) just wanted to make sure, me and my friends went to the right direction.
  • If you have extra budget, you can go by taxi. So many taxi drivers can speak in english. The bad thing about taking taxi, they will charge you 3x more expensive because you are tourist. 
You will see other cafes as well around there. So many cars are parking. At the end, when you already see grey colored and glass building, then you are right! It's Monsant Cafe.

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