Friday, March 31, 2017

My Journey to South Korea - Fresh Air from Sanbangsan Mountain (산방산)

my outfit :
Inner - ZARA, Sukajan Jacket & bagpack - 8 Seconds Korea x GDRAGON, Tennis skirt & hat - bought in Siam, Bangkok, Socks - Adidas Originals, Shoes - Adidas Superstar Leopard Core Black

some photos edited by vscocam

Sanbangsan Mountain

218-10, Sanbang-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
제주특별자치도 서귀포시 안덕면 산방로 218-10 (안덕면)

We were waking up so early to be able to visit this mountain. Everything was wonderful and I could feel fresh air here. The sensation of stress free definitely made me think "Oh I don't want to go home now and leave Jeju especially this Sanbangsan mountain area." It was quite cold in the morning and raining a bit for 20 minutes. Luckily, I had my sukajan jacket with me. It's water resistant and it made my body warm enough.

We didn't do much there. We just went down from the hills. We could see amazing view. But because it was so early, no one opened food stores. There was just one (or even two I didn't remember much) store opened in front of our eyes. We basically tried Beondegi (번데기). If you don't know, Beondegi or in korean 번데기 (based on wikipedia) is a snack food in Korean cuisine. Literally meaning "chrysalis" or "pupa" in Korean, Beondegi are steamed or boiled silkworm pupae which are seasoned and eaten as a snack. It was my first time ever eating that. It looked horrible. But honestly Beondegi didn't taste that awful, the smell was not that strong but yea still had a weird smell. Describing the taste, it was kind of the same as peanut.

We walked around and took several good pictures. At least, we spent two hours there. We were waiting for the bus and the rain to stop. Took more efforts and times then we expected. Not a lot of buses were going there in the morning.

I do really recommend this place to you guys. Visit this place in the morning, maybe around 8 or 9AM. You will meet fresh air (not during winter I guess). The transition season is the best season for you to visit korea. These photos were taken during Summer to fall season transition. I didn't feel too hot or too cold.

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  1. aaa I really wanna go to South Korea as soon as possible (well if my wallet allows me to hahaha), lucky you margie that you have someone who lives there so you have a reason to keep coming back to that country <3
    anyway I love your outfit here, especially that sukajan jacket <3