Sunday, March 26, 2017

My Journey to South Korea - Hyeopjae Beach (협재해변) in Jeju Island

Hyeopjae Beach

329-10 Hallim-ro, Hallim-eub, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea

I really miss nature. Last time I went to the beach it was probably during my trip to Belitung Island with my dad. But I never exactly experience visiting beaches in South Korea. So this time, me and my friends decided to go to Hyeopjae Beach that being located in Jeju Island. 

Honestly, comparing to beaches in Indonesia Hyeopjae Beach is kind of small. It is good for a short gate away and taking good photos there while eating a delicious cone of ice cream. There are some parts that were not looking nice when we were taking photos and vice versa.* The water is quite clear but some parts of this beach is so dirty with garbage from foods or drinks. Nothing too special about this beach.

*)Me and my friends were taking photo with our phones.

I really need to admit that beaches in Indonesia are way better than beaches in South Korea. Maybe because Indonesia is a living tropical country. I am not saying that this place is not good, IT IS GOOD! But nothing much that you can do except standing or sitting waiting for the view. (or even picnic and taking more selfies?) Me and my friends didn't want to wait until it's dark.

By the way, just a general tip for you. If you are going to the beach, please do not seat at those beach chairs because they will charge you more (about things that you don't really know). That's how people trick some foreigners. So make sure, everything is going to be alright. I am not fully getting into this place yet. Maybe need several times to visit this place.

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