Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My Journey to Thailand - Living and Being a Teacher in Thailand

I decided to make a blog post because I just finished watching someone's Instagram story. I am here sitting and thinking like,... It's funny how people are talking about changing our world condition online (especially some media influencers) but they exactly are not doing anything in real life. They are talking how important to change the world to be a better place but exactly they are not doing anything to change our world condition to be a better place. 

Some of them are criticizing government, mentioning how important the education is, how important to protect the environment, and many more bullshits that they shared. Well, I don't know why I can feel if someone is just acting they like they care. In fact, they are not even care and keep going with their own life without even care to give their other hand to help people who exactly need their help. Actually, helping some people who really need our help is not that hard. You can do a lot of small things to make a change. It's such a bullshit if you are using your popularity to promote social events, acting like you care about supporting each other, but you are not. You just use that to make a great image for your own sake.

I am not saying that I am better than those people. But at least in my thought, I don't really need to speak up about something that I don't do and I prefer to speak up about things that I actually do or I really do care about. In the end of 2016, I flew to Thailand to a small province and stayed in a small village to teach English. I also did volunteer job here and there in Indonesia to improve education among children. But I don't have any free time to tell all of you about the complete story. I earned so many life value and learnt so many things from the new place where I worked at.

I am glad that I am changing to be a better person of myself. I started to appreciate things in my life even more because I was there in a place where everyone is trying to get a proper education / even proper food to eat. I just want to mention to all media influencers who always act fake everywhere they go, including "acting care" in addressing social issue. Better you shut up if you don't do anything to change the world. It is just making me and other people who actually work hard to make this world to be better mad... okay?

Help people are not that hard. Starting from simple things will help!

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  1. This is so true girl! It's easy to talk....but we need to take action if we want to change things. You're truly making a difference and I'm sure you had an impact on these kids! What a life changing experience this must've been for you. Keep up the great work Margareta! :)