Monday, April 24, 2017

Try to Keep Up With University Life and OOTD Update

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Hi, welcome back again to my blog. Wah, long time no see. I miss writing something on my own blog. This time, I have a little bit spare time to spend here. 

I honestly feel that I am getting older and older. I can't believe that I am already at my final semester in my university. I am still finishing my thesis and all projects. Last 2 semesters were epic but I did fail in some parts. In the early 7th semester, I went to Thailand to be a teacher there / volunteering myself to do that job. After that, I was working as Research Assistant of my lecturers.  In 7th semester, I still had several classes but everything was online classes. Everything was fine until I submitted my research paper for one of the main lecture in 7th semester.

I did the research by myself and it was a great research in my thought. I submitted via email and hard copy for my mid term exam. Because I didn't have regular classes, I submitted everything via online and all of students with the same program as me didn't have seat in exam / classes. My concentration is International Media and Middle East is my regional concentration in International Relations major. I contacted the lecturer but there was something odd about her. Maybe because she was sick at that time, but she was not acting friendly like usual to me. Suddenly, I just got B as my final score. I usually got an A for my own concentration lecturer.

Maybe this might sounds over reacting. But if I got B as my final score and it's for my main concentration lecturer,... my GPA will straight forwardly goes down. Usually my GPA is up to 3.8+ and I just wanted to do my best for my parents as well. I feel this is not fair at all. Some of my friends got an A and I believed they were not doing any kind of real research to finish their paper. I don't know the standard in my lecturer's head, but this is kind of a joke for me. I spent several days with no sleep at all and I just got 78/100 (B) for my score.

I was scrolling my university website and discovering my score,... I was just like "wtf?".

It's true tho, being smart is not just about getting a great score in uni. Because basically you can get a low or high score depends on who the lecturer is. Some of male lecturers prefer to give great scores for female students and some of female lecturers prefer to give great scores for male students. Or it might depends on how you are being close with your lecturer.

Can I get a high five here about this condition? I believe this story is so relatable for some of you as students :( I am so disappointed with the result. It's not because I didn't work my best... but it was because my lecturer is giving me an awkward and hard situation even I didn't do anything wrong to her. 


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    1. Thank you so much for scrolling down my pictures here.

  2. So relatable :') makanya kalo bisa jadi murid yang baik reputasinya, jgn bolos dan titip absen terus dan kalo di kelas jgn buka laptop cuma buat streaming movie hahaha (this happens in my class) :'). But anyways, you tried your best and we all know that you are a very smart, hardworking and intelligent student :) I feel sad to know that someone is being treated differently just because of 'favouritism'. Aku personally jg pernah ngalamin itu. Good luck ya buat final project dan skripsinyaa! Semangat

    1. yeah, kind of sad wasn't it? :( at least I expected 80+ or 85+ as my mid term score based on that research paper. But at the end I just got a freakin B, now I need help myself to bring my GPA up again (which is a little bit impossible for student in her final year)

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