Monday, December 18, 2017

Beauty Review : Maybelline COLORSHOW Lipsticks (Affordable Lipsticks for Makeup Beginner)

Hello everyone!

I am back again to my blog, after I am taking a hella long break from blogging. Finally I graduated from my university! YEY! Now, I can work on things that I love which is blogging (also teaching foreign languages to my students).

Comeback to the main point, I just want to share my collection of MAYBELLINE NEW YORK COLORSHOW LIPSTICKS. I have 6 lipsticks here. Here are all the names:

  1. Maybelline COLORSHOW No. 105 - Pinkalacious
  2. Maybelline COLORSHOW No. 107 - Pink Paradise
  3. Maybelline COLORSHOW No. 202 - Red My Lips
  4. Maybelline COLORSHOW No. 212 - Neon Red
  5. Maybelline COLORSHOW No. 402 - Plum-tastic
  6. Maybelline COLORSHOW No. 301 - True-toffee (matte but not too matte? I am feeling so confused with this one to be honest)
Defenitely my favorite colors are No. 105 and No. 202. 


Positive points:
  1. Well made packaging for such an affordable price
  2. So many good variation of colors. You still can rock these colors if you are not having a bright skin.
  3. Easy to use, especially if you are a beginner or non professional.
  4. Easy to blend to give you natural finish or lip tint / lip gradation effect.
  5. It smells like candy or cookies.
  6. Travel friendly.
  7. Affordable especially for you that living in a tight budget for makeup, ONLY $2-$3!
  8. About the color pigmentation, GREAT!
  9. Texture is creamy.
Negative points:
  1. Sadly you pay $2-$3 for a little amount of lipstick in that container. But well, this product is still good for beginner.
  2. Do not put under the sun / super hot sun light, it is going to melt for sure!
  3. Some people might like it and some people might hate this, it is not waterproof. Do not expect you can go swimming with your boyfriend and wearing this lipstick.
They are coming with highlighting sticks, color corrector sticks, and many more. I really recommend Play 101 Stick by Etude House!


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