Sunday, January 7, 2018

Beauty Review : Innisfree Mineral Shading No.02 (Swatch on Hand & Face)

Hello guys! Welcome back again to my blog. Recently I am being into blogging and shopping. Shopping some beauty products and happy trying those one by one. I actually want to try this mineral shading from Korean Brand called Innisfree since long time ago. Because I am sticking with my current shading or contour powder from elf.... I started to think to search another product that I might love.

Here it is, the Innisfree Mineral Shading in No.02. For this series, Innisfree also produced some blushed and some variety colors of shading / bronzer / contour powder. Mostly are natural colors and wearable for your daily makeup. If you are a pro makeup artist and not into natural makeup / k-beauty this product might be not your cup of tea. But for me, I love korean makeup and I love natural makeup. My boyfriend also compliment my makeup everytime I use this mineral shading on my face.

By the way this is not sponsored by Innisfree Indonesia, but I do wish Innisfree Indonesia approach me tho. lol. Because I am being a loyal customer of Innisfree. Everytime I go back to Korea, Innisfree store is always on my travel list as must visit beauty store.

Let's go talking about Positive and Negative points!

  1. Natural result.
  2. Affordable price. Around $8
  3. Multipurpose item. It can be used as eyeshadow, shading/bronzer for your nose and also other parts of your face without feeling too much.
  4. Travel friendly.
  5. Minimalist packaging and you can see directly what color it is.
  6. 70% mineral or less chemical than usual makeup product.


  1. Natural result, it can be because it has less pigmentation. Back to your own makeup preference.
  2. Packaging is plastic, quite fragile. Basically you get for what you paid for.

I am using it in this photo :)

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