Friday, January 5, 2018

My Journey to South Korea - LIVING IN SOUTH KOREA Youtube Series / Vlog (Episode 7-8)

Finally new vlogs are here! 
I have a youtube series called LIVING IN SOUTH KOREA. Make sure, all of you are subscribing to my youtube channel and hit the "bell" logo to get notification from my channel every time I uploaded.
In episode 7, I went to several places such as K-Star Road, SM ENTERTAINMENT, FNC ENTERTAINMENT, JYP ENTERTAINMENT, SM COEX, Gangnam Underground Shopping, and many more. I didn't upload enough clips about entertainments building that I visited with my friends, but you can see my photos in front of it on my instagram!

Meanwhile, in episode 8... I am showing more details about YG Entertainment building. When I saw some trainees of YG and took some glances on the amazing building. Definitely worth to watch and those videos are all less than 10 minutes long. 

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