Thursday, February 1, 2018

Beauty Review : Catrice DELUXE Glow Highlighter 010 The Glowrious Three

Hello guys, I am back with another beauty product review. This is my first time trying a highlighter palette or highlighter product in general from Catrice. Honestly I am not a fan of using highlighter, that's the reason why I am so picky with highlighter. Once I hate, I probably never want to use it again. Because what's the point using highlighter that has nothing to do on my skin right?

Let's come back and talk about this product!

Positive Points:
  1. Price is affordable. [I am pretty picky with price on makeup. Sometimes I spend more for high quality makeup, but not every time I will spend $50+ only for one product lately. I have some other things that I need]
  2. Compact packaging and it doesn't look "too cheap" as drugstore makeup.
  3. These 3 colors are great in every kind of skin tone in my thought. Because this product is suitable for makeup beginners who don't know much about where to apply highlighter and the real function of highlighter.
  4. You can see pretty much all details about this product at the back of the packaging. Also guide picture for makeup beginner.
  5. Travel friendly, you can carry on inside your makeup bag or traveling pouch. It's not heavy and you will get 3 colors in one palette.
  6. If you like less highlight pigmentation and really like "no makeup" makeup, probably you will love this!
Negative Points:
  1. I really want to try to love this product with all my heart. But I can't. The pigmentation is not really there. If you see from the swatches, you definitely can see 3 colors from this palette... it is because I am swatching those colors more than once. Unless you are pretty patient, you can reapply over and over again on your face until you see the highlight color pops out.
  2. The formula is not creamy and too powdery. Somehow it makes this product a little bit chalky.

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