Saturday, March 9, 2019

I'm Changing My Domain:

Hello everyone!

I miss you guys so much!

I am doing fine with my job now. It's funny how I started everything from this blog and now I am working on my dream job. I am being a teacher now. Yeap, I mentioned about this in the previous blog post as well. Go follow @korean101_id if you need a help learning korean language privately with me!

By the way, I am going to make a big announcement now... I am changing my domain. From to!! Something stupid just happened, my website suggested by google as a spam and there was a personal mistake from my credit card account on I also forget to change my data info from my GoDaddy account, because I lost my credit card in Gangnam when I was in Korea.

But my blog remains the same, don't worry! I try to post more about my life here, because I love to write remember? I know some people might miss my blog post about my life and journey. Also about me reviewing some stuff.

Thank you for always be there in my life journey. From me sharing about my struggle in high school life until now I am already working on my own business @korean101_id

See you guys soon! xo