Sunday, August 27, 2017

Beauty Review : Etude House Play 101 Stick No.11 & No.12

Hello everyone! 

I am coming back again with another beauty product review. Today, I want to write my opinion about Etude House Play101 Stick. I was getting No.11 for contouring and No. 12 for blush. I bought these two in Etude House store near in Idae area, Seoul, South Korea.

Let's directly talking about positive and negative points!

Positive points:
  1. Cute packaging.
  2. Play 101 Stick is coming with so many good variation of colors.
  3. Easy to use, especially if you are a beginner or non professional.
  4. Easy to blend to give you natural finish.
  5. It doesn't smell like chemical or strong.
  6. Travel friendly.
  7. Affordable especially for you that living in a tight budget for makeup.
  8. About the color pigmentation, GREAT! You will get for what you see on the packaging.
  9. Creamy texture!
Negative points:
  1. Be careful with the roller thingy, because it's rolling up. I don't know, I just feel it can be broken if you are not using it carefully. Same as lipstick, it can be broken as well.
  2. Do not put under the sun / super hot sun light, it is going to melt.
  3. It is not waterproof. If you want to get waterproof cream blush or contour, this Play 101 Stick is not for you!
They are coming with highlighting sticks, color corrector sticks, and many more. I really recommend Play 101 Stick by Etude House!


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Beauty Review : City Color Intense Exposure Highlighting Powder (Cruelty Free Makeup)

Hello guys!

Welcome back again to my blog. I write a new beauty product review called City Color Intense Exposure Highlighting Powder. Lately, I am really getting into cruelty free makeup. As you know many beauty companies are doing animal testing. In this era of modern technology, I believe there are so many other options rather than killing animals for the sake of beauty. I know I am not a vegetarian yet, I am still eating meat. But at least, I try to appreciate more about environment.

Animal testing is being a major problem lately in the society. Even outside of makeup, there are so many animal testing from medical drugs and so on. But I can't basically put protest on medical drugs because some people need those for healing and they do animal testing inside their labs. Makeup is not a human major necessity. People still can choose what kind of products that are not hurting the environment. Trying from a small thing. At least stop buying makeup or beauty products from companies that are testing on animals from now on. If you still have some products from those companies, just use those things but never repurchase!


Comeback to the review!

Positive points:
  1. Affordable!
  2. Cruelty free makeup.
  3. It will last forever for an affordable price product.
  4. Pigmentation is also amazing.
  5. It doesn't smell weird and no perfume included.
  6. Giving you a nice healthy glow!
  7. Travel friendly.
Negative points:
  1. No brush or mirror included, make sure you bring your own mirror or highlighting brush.
  2. A little bit chalky if you are not blending it that well. So remember, blending skill!
  3. Cheap packaging. Make sure you are not easily drop it to the ground. (I can still understand because the price is around $2)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Beauty Review : The Faceshop Ink Lipquid (BR01 Rose Marsala & PK05 Rose Nouveau)

BR01 - Rose Marsala

PK05 - Rose Nouveau

Hello guys, it has been awhile. Finally, a new beauty review post up on my blog. This time, I want to talk about The Faceshop's Ink Lipquid. Probably, some of you might now liquid lipstick or lip oil from the high end brands or drugstore brands. The Faceshop also has a line for matte and glossy liquid lip color form called Ink Lipquid.

Comparing to lip cream, The Faceshop Ink Lipquid will give you natural finish rather than lip cream which most of those usually left strong vibe to your lips. It's also different from lip oil, this series have a different form and not come as oily as I thought.

I bought both of those from South Korea when I was walking around Ewha Womans University. I stopped at The Faceshop store and bought both of those colors. I remembered that beauty vlogger from South Korea recommended this line of her video.

Differences between the two:
  • PK05 - Rose Nouveau: It's coming from The Faceshop Ink Lipquid Moisture series, similar to a lip gloss when you first apply it to your lips.
  • BR01 - Rose Marsala: It's coming from the regular The Faceshop Ink Lipquid series, the color is way more matte comparing to Ink Lipquid Moisture series,

Positive Points:
  • Affordable!
  • Travel friendly.
  • Color payoff level: natural
  • Pigmented for natural lip color.
Negative Points:
  • Not long lasting, you need to reapply again and again if you don't mind!
  • You will feel a struggle if you have dry lips (like me), Make sure you moisturize your lips before applying this kind of lip products.
For me, these two are not really surprising because I have another better ones in my collection. But sometimes, if I don't want to have strong color on my lip... I will go with this collection. Rose Marsala definitely a trend now in South Korea. Everything came with "marsala", it would be on trend. lol

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Journey to Thailand - Food Mania in Bangkok

I probably forgot most of these restaurant names because I didn't put those names on my phone note (which was so stupid of me). But still, I want to share some amazing food that I had while I was in Thailand back then.

Thailand probably the most favorite country in my list, beside all friendly people that I met... culinary in Thailand was also one of a kind. I never can say "no" for Thai food. They are amazing in my opinion. Fruits in Thailand especially are so fresh and also cheap (comparing what we have here in Indonesia). I can eat fresh fruits basically everywhere in Thailand. About the price, everything is almost affordable in my opinion. Because the currency is not too strong comparing to Indonesian Rupiah, so I feel such a rich person every time I go to Thailand.

My favorite Thai signature dish is Tom Yam. There are Tom Yam Goong and Tom Yam Kai. Both are my favorites. Also the papaya salad a.k.a. Som Tam is also one of the best. Som Tom definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but I think this dish is so unique. You can eat Som Tam as a salad and also eat it with rice. Notto forget, their seafood! Always amazing (look at the last picture above!) The seafood platter was actually around US$2-$3 and it was coming from a street vendor near a temple.

Their modern cafes are also amazing. Cheap but yet tasty. Instagram-able to take a picture in almost every cafe. I was feeling like "oh is this Thailand version of Hongdae area from Korea?". I also visited one of Korean restaurant. It was pretty small near SIAM area. Again, I forgot the name. But the cheese chicken with tteokbokki was one of the best that I ever had.

Go to Thailand and discover those similar food as I recommended. Definitely you will fall in love with the country even more!
Happy trying, xoxo.


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