Friday, February 28, 2014


 Margaret - Putri - Regina - Chris - Rehana

 Me with the pretty girl, Putri Valentina

 Me with my dope girl, Valerie Samantha

 Me with my baby boo, Gabriella Olivia

 from Gabriella Olivia's booth : Grumpy Cat Gravity Sweater - thanks my friend you give me a nice deal to get this, adore your stuffs gab!

 My blog photographer and bestie - Lisa Stefanny

Outer - New Look, Inner - Forever 21, High waisted pants - neychic, Choker - L.I.N.F. (LOOKIMNOTAFLUKE), Bracelet - AW Wardrobe, Beanie - La Dulce, Shoes - New Look

I meet some of my blogger friends at INFARE. I am not joining INFARE Part 2 because the tight schedule from my university. But at least i can support them by do buy something from their booth. I get a cute sweater with a grumpy cat on it and greedysassy black "metal sign" ring. This is just a quick update from what is going on today. I have a free day every friday so i can go anywhere that i want. Tomorrow, i think i have schedule to go to Spanish class for the first time. 

I 'm going to come tomorrow : Saturday 1st March, 2014 at FX, Sudirman, Jakarta 
(3rd Floor in front of Charles & Keith)
Let's meet up and take photos together same as what i do with them!


My Secret to Look Confident with Black and White outfits x Rexona Indonesia : click here!

Good luck and God Bless!


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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beauty Review : My Sweet Nails at Summarecon Mall Serpong

My Sweet Nails Brand Ambassador 

My Sweet Nails - Nail Art Salon and Nail Treatment
Available at Summarecon Mall Serpong
(at Basement Mall 1 My Sweet Nails store in front of Share tea )

"I'm just being my self but i can be everything that i want when i already ready in front of the camera."
-margareta vania-

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

F The System

FTS Hat, Top - Freunde House, Spike Bracelet and Necklace - La Dulce, Jegging - Rodeo, Hoodie - One of A Kind GDragon Hoodie, Boots - New Look

Posting something new about fashion look that probably you can see this fashion look at the collaboration post with Rexona Indonesia, here! Lately i do campaign not only for Rexona because i feel the benefit from their newest products but i also do campaign for Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan. RCJS will open the newest audition for all teenagers in DKI Jakarta. Be the next Youth and Sport Ambassador plus Anti Narcotic Ambassador of BNN 2014. Well the audition date is not here yet, but the theme was agreed. Look for more info, here!


Newest Videos update on my channel and my blog post :
Little Japan and Last Year Video Diary!

Good luck and God Bless!


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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Monochrome Confident Looks x Rexona Invisible Dry (Black and White)

Hello this is me Margaret, really nice to see and talk with all of you through my newest fashion blogpost. Today, personally I really want to share about Monochrome looks which I can recommend to you to wear and some tips because I bet some of you find some difficulties when you choose monochrome pieces from your wardrobe. As you can see Monochrome look is being a great and hit trend since last year 2013 until now the early 2014. I believe that Monochrome look is not staying for until the early of 2014 but also can stay ageless.

Personally I really love Black and White because they are going for ever occasion and way easier to mix with another fashion pieces. They are basic colors that you need to have in your wardrobe, do not need to get expensive clothes to get the look.

But the must thing that you need to have and show to the public, absolutely CONFIDENT. Don’t let small problems ruin your day when you wear Monochrome / Black and White outfit. Make sure you wear deodorant and do shave!

But might me some of you ask “Does deodorant make a yellow stain on white top/dress and turns to left a white mar on black top/dress?”
Yellow or White stains come out also stick at the top or dress because the active substance from the deodorant gets reaction combined together with your sweat.

I have A GOOD NEWS for you! I already saw these and finally this available now at the local store, it works for you and me when we want to rock the Black and White outfit at an important occasion. Not an extraordinary Deodorant for everyone, this is the Rexona Invisible Dry .This series is coming with two editions for men and women.

Why it’s being so special? Because it has a special formula to protect and avoid the yellow and white stains from your outfits!

Beanie - Boy London, Inner - Unbranded, Blazer - ZARA, Jegging - UNIQLO
Glasses - My Own Collection, Inner - Unbranded, Outer - Vintage Clothing, Leather Jegging - UNIQLO

So let’s share your Black and White outfits of the day (ootd) with us, show that you are not afraid to wear Black and White outfits!!

Share yours to :

(as many as you can and it will be ended on May 1st 2014)

Show that you are exist in a good way because you always be CONFIDENT!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 - Blogger Report 1

with the owner, his name is Andreas.

My outfit details : Inner - Unbranded, Oversized Outer - ZARA, Boots and Earing - New Look, Union Jack Backpack

I was there at Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 and it was awesome. I can't capture a lot of things because i got my eyes at so many stuffs there. I just film my activity a bit at the Fashion Week. I also met some awesome people there. I met my friend Gabriella Olivia, also i met a new fellow fashionista friend Andreas, and at the end i met Agam from Institut Kesenian Jakarta. I only knew him from instagram before and his friend is actually my senior at Remaja Ceria (like a national youth and sport ambassador pageant). I didn't buy so many things because i save up my money to buy anything else. But i enjoy every part in the Fashion Week, being Indonesia Fashion Week Official Blogger was just awesome. I will post more soon about Indonesia Fashion Week 2014.


Newest Videos update on my channel and my blog post :
Little Japan and Last Year Video Diary!

Good luck and God Bless!


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