Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review : Maybelline New York - the MAGNUM Volum Express (Waterproof Mascara)

Hello guys, this is my my quick post before i go to my study room/play room to study alot new vocabulary. I really tired today because something happened at school and i really hate it, but i know just keep calm and believe..everything is gonna be alright.. :] So i just want to share a photo about my new favorite mascara. It gives me alot if do you think? :)

You can see the different right? :] You can also try it at home, this is so save..and don't forget to curl our lashes before you apply mascara. Erase your waterproof mascara with eye and mouth makeup remover.

So this is the asian dog eyes makeup that i did 2 days ago. I did it because i really want to show you, without fake lashes, your lashes can also look longer than before.

Listen it to relaxing your mind..


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Asian Dolly Makeup Inspired

Eyemakeup inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka.. and ulzzang also almost people clearly call this eye shape "dog or puppy eye shape" because we will look sleeppyyy la~ :3 :3 I spend 2 hours for this perfect creation and take a great photograph angle =__= i take 15 times and i get only one...most perfect expression and emotion at all..

i do this because i really want to get the most blog top site of this week..hemm, can i get it? So if blogger want to get this, you have to write more unique blog post to make a big hit of sensation. Because my blog is so asian style..((yeap because i live in Indonesia of course i'm asian..)) soo...i decided to write about this.. Happy reading!

special tag : #gyaru #dollmakeup #ulzzangmakeup #makeuptutorial 


I'm On The Spot Light

Rampage Outer, New Look Tee, Coldwater Creek Short Pants, Freunde House Necklace, Vintage Clutch, Ankle Boots from Jose

February 2012 : Cute and Unique Stationary Haul

Sorry !!! I really busy for the post 3 days..exam exam exam homework homework homework almost everyday. Today i'm going to Central Park Mall, Season City Mall, and also Emporium Pluit Mall to buy something unique and cute. Same as my promise so there it is, the new post about cute and unique stuffs is ready now! Let's take a look....

This is The Rilakkuma Cord Holder..i search the pink one but i can't find it... :[ Start now, i'll buy much rilakkumas for my collection. You know that i'm so addicted with domokun lately since one years ago..but start a month ago,...i fell in love with this bear too, rilakkuma and also all rilakkuma's family...Maybe the next thing i will buy rilakkuma hard case for my blackberry.

So this is the way you use it. Anyway this is my new earphone, beats tour "purple"..i bought it in the first week on February. I bought it from my friend at school.. yeah right! SHE sells so many beats earphone, headset, etc. by Dr. Dre... :3quite nice eh?

So this one, it's a rilakkuma USB (4.0 GB USB)

Next, i buy some deco tape because the packaging it's too cute and interesting to see..hahaha..i'm so royal to buy any stuffs that i want..but actually i just go shopping clearly once per month la~

My new pencil case, lastly i posted about my pencil case from Australia that my friend gave to me. But i'm too afraid if i break it at my school. So better,..i find a new pencil case..i'll save my australian pancil case *lol!

I don't know who the hell always take my ruler from my bag and from my pencil case! I really need it because social student in social classes need ruler everyday..duh..accounting it's hard to do without a ruler...Truthfully i always buy a product from Morning Glory because their products are too unique..look to my new ruler when you need to us a cutter, my ruler can help to withstand your cutter's power..

SEEEE!!! :] :]

I buy another pencil case for my little brother...we have twins pencil case...kyaaaa >.< *euh* :p

This is my new folder, my old folder is totally turn into a i need the new one, i got it from Morning Glory store :] 


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beauty Review : Effects from Aloe Vera BB Cream - Skin Food

Hello guys! Today i write a post about the effects that will come out after we apply Blemish Balm Cream or BB Cream. My favorite is from Skin Food now. I use this BB Cream for +/- 3 months and it's still be my favorite so far. Before i already wrote the same about this BB Cream but just a product review, click here to read! But now i really want you to see the different between "WITH NO BB CREAM" and "WITH BB CREAM".

So my face is becoming more natural, fresh, and glow...also smoother than before. BB Cream will give your skin nutrition as far you apply it to your skin. Don't forget to clean up your face by wash it gently with Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser and then apply it your favorite toner :) Good luck!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beauty Review : Thailand Rice Soap

My friend told me that this natural rice soap from Thailand was great for every woman's skin. It's true! I bought it online from my friend on blackberry messenger. I feel worth it because i spent my money and got an interesting result. My skin is smoother than before. But my friend also said that if you use this soap everyday, twice a day.. in 3 weeks your skin will be whiter than before.. i really want to try this out, i'm not getting scared because this is so natural and smells so good. I'm going to take a photo before and after, i really want to erase some of my dark spots at my legs because i get bitten by freakin damn mosquito.. >.> i don't have dark spots alot la~ my legs are same as Yoona's legs from Girls' Generation *kidding and dreaming* :p


Sweet Seventeen Dinner and Party

Korean Night Club Dress + Wavy black skirt (brand : Jessica), Cross necklace, Bracelet from Bali, White Pumps that i bought online.

Yesterday i went to Emax Cafe and Lounge at PX Pavillion, Jakarta for the Monica's sweet seventeen party. Thank you so much because i invited to be there and cool i love the foods! <3 so damn delicious. Actually it was my first time to go to Emax :] So i really like the moments that we spent together.

Little bit tired because from 08.30 AM - 9.30 PM i wasn't at home. First i went to Darmawangsa Square and City Walk to attended a photoshoot programe at Look Inc. Modeling School. Thank you for the supports friends and also thank you for the stylist, makeup artists, photographer (Didit Anindita), and etc.

Be healthy, pretty, awesome, smart, kind, and always be freak monic! All of your friends love you...

So these are another photos that i took it... 


Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 2012 : Love from Korea Haul

I got some new things from South Korea. I think, this is the perfect time to do an updated haul blog post for all of you. Ever since korean wave is hitting around the world, so many foreign people do come to Korea. 

I got a bag full of korean sof cakes, handmade hand mirror, a box full of traditional korean snacks inside it, and a random stuffs from Lotte Duty Free.

These are the details :

This is my favorite cake from many cakes in there.. Pancake! Yes! Pancake with a chocolate cream..

These are cakes with grape and apple paste..

These called Monaka, you can search in Google to search what is the monaka?

Foods again from Aroowha Korean Traditional Sweets Cookies

Every single food came in two small boxes..

This is the beauty mirror originally homemade from the lady in Korea...