Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tips Merawat Jam Tangan Kulit Kesayangan

Hello, banyak dari pembaca blog aku yang menanyakan bagaimana aku bisa merawat jam tangan kesayangan milik aku. Nah disini, aku akan mencoba membuat artikel / blog post dalam Bahasa Indonesia untuk membantu teman-teman semuanya.

Menyenangkan sekali jika bisa memiliki koleksi jam tangan kesayangan yang terawat dengan baik. Gaya berbusana setiap hari pun jadi semakin kekinian dengan ragam koleksi jam tangan. Selain jam tangan berbahan stainless steel, ada jam tangan kulit yang memberikan kesan elegan dan vintage.
Sayangnya, banyak orang yang tidak terlalu suka menggunakan jam tangan kulit. Karena perawatan jam tangan kulit dianggap lebih sulit daripada jam tangan berbahan stainless steel atau karet. Tetapi kini kita tak akan kesulitan merawat jam tangan kulit dengan beberapa tips berikut ini :

Membersihkan Jam Tangan Kulit Setelah Digunakan

Usai digunakan, biasanya ada debu dan keringat yang menempel pada permukaan jam tangan kulit. Segera bersihkan debu dan keringat dengan lap microfiber sebelum kita menyimpannya. Karena debu dan keringat tersebut bisa merusak tekstur jam tangan kulit.

Usahakan Agar Jam Tangan Tidak Terkena Air

Jam tangan kulit yang terkena air ketika kita mencuci tangan atau terkena hujan juga menjadi lebih mudah rusak. Sebaiknya kita melepas jam tangan sebelum melakukan aktivitas tertentu yang berhubungan dengan air. Cara ini pasti membuat jam tangan lebih tahan lama dan bagian strap-nya tidak mudah rusak.

Menyimpan Jam Tangan Kulit dengan Benar

Agar bagian strap-nya tetap lentur dan tidak mudah mengelupas, simpanlah jam tangan kulit dengan benar. Jangan menekuk jam tangan kulit atau menindihnya dengan benda-benda berat dan tajam. Karena hal tersebut berisiko meninggalkan bekas atau bahkan menimbulkan kerusakan parah pada bagian strap jam tangan kulit.

Ternyata Asap Juga Bisa Merusak Jam Tangan Kulit

Paparan asap dari rokok atau polusi udara berlebihan juga bisa merusak jam tangan kulit lho. Akibatnya, jam tangan kulit bisa berubah warna menjadi lebih kusam dan kurang sedap dipandang.


Kualitas jam tangan kulit terbaik akan menunjang penampilan kita. Menurut aku pribadi merawat jam tangan kesayangan kita, terlebih jam tangan kulit adalah hal penting karena jam tangan merupakan asesoris yang practical dan paling bermanfaat.

Aku juga ada rekomendasi loh, dimana tempat untuk memperoleh jam tangan fashionable dan terjangkau dengan berbagai varian harga. Akhir-akhir ini aku banyak mengintip koleksi jam tangan dari Alexandre Christie, pasti kalian juga akan suka. Gausah khawatir, kalian bisa mencoba mengunjungi koleksi jam tangan Alexandre Christie terbaru di MatahariMall

Varian jam tangan kulit dari Alexandre Christie siap menyempurnakan penampilan kita. Dengan penawaran diskon istimewa, berbelanja jam tangan secara online di MatahariMall tak akan membuat tabungan kita terkuras habis. Yuk segera mengakses situs MatahariMall untuk melihat-lihat koleksi jam tangan terbarunya.

Bagaimana? Semoga tips di atas bisa membantu kalian semua dan kalian juga bisa mendapatkan jam tangan kesayangan terbaru, berkualitas, dan dengan harga yang pas tentunya!

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Margareta Vania x BinusTV - Saturday Morning Show (Web Show at Vidio.com)

(COMING SOON ON : www.vidio.com/users/binustv)

Hello everyone! Welcome back again to my blog. Lately, I share a lot of things about my featured moments with several media companies. I am feeling so grateful because in the past 4 months, so many of you guys (especially from several media companies) contacted me to do something interesting. This time, I am going to share with you about my featured moment collaborated with BinusTV for a show called "Saturday Morning Show". I experienced before a collaboration show with BinusTV for Outfit of the day theme youtube show.

This show is different and it's way more like a sit down, chill web talkshow. This show is basically for people who are 17+, because somehow those guys are saying flirty jokes in front of camera to make this show way more interesting. I want to say sorry first, because I looked like shit in that frame. lol. Pretty much, I couldn't laugh freely because I was feeling a bit sick and tired. When I was participating in that show, I just went straight to the studio after I was done with my work "teaching korean language" in Pondok Indah area (quite far from the studio). Could you imagine that?

They interviewed me about my social media accounts, about my followers, photo concepts, we talked about my postings, and played a game. They also asked my opinion about LGBT and it was pretty awkward because I am totally fine with LGBT. Do not get me wrong here guys, I am not saying that it's a "good thing" because I was born in a pretty religious family. But hey, it's their decisions tho and nothing wrong if you love your partner either with the same gender or the opposite gender. That's just my thought. Because I work in fashion industry and already meet so many people in this society, I am getting used to see my friends who are being included in LGBT community. At least, they are not bothering me... I am fine with it.

I feel just a little bit sad, because the topic was turning out to talk about LGBT rather than my life or my job. I hope that they can focusing in someone's great achievements and make some fresh jokes rather than bring any sensitive topics to online media. It was a pretty awkward moment for me when they asked "do you ever dream to be a lesbian or like your own girl friend?". Like what the heck? I answered, "no. I never ever think about it." Suddenly our conversation was dead already.

How do you think about it?


Friday, May 6, 2016

Margareta Vania x Carousell Treasure Market "Korean Phrases Talkshow" at Iconic Kemang

Another late update for me. Before this post, I actually shared about my latest radio show with Bvoice radio (click here to know the story). Now, I am going to share about my seminar and talkshow collaborated with Carousell Indonesia. Carousell was founded in Singapore on May 1, 2012, by co-founders Quek Siu Rui, Lucas Ngoo, and Marcus Tan. I already knew them from previous projects by Carousell Singapore in Jakarta, Indonesia. Why? Because of course, they want to spread Carousell branches to Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries especially in Asia first. Thank you for invited me!

Since Carousell Indonesia is growing so fast and I'm still an active Carousell user, Oliv (the girl on the right) contacted me to be their guest speaker for Carousell Treasure Market event. This event was held on 22 - 24 January 2016, it was a fashion / food bazaar. It was a pretty successful event for me to see,... but on Sunday (which was the day I was going to do my job as a guest speaker) was not too crowded like the usual. I understand because most people are taking rest at home, having family dinner, or staying at home rather than going our to a fashion / food bazaar tho. So yea, there were no significant audiences who truly love Korean Culture or fashion topics in front of me. It was a bit sad for me because some people there were too busy took some selfies, shopping, and eating rather than enjoyed my talkshow. *sob* *sob* Then, it's okay because I want to keep everything professional.

Basically my job for this event was sharing about my experience as a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger, modeling, and things connected to my job. I also introduced my informal study club called Korean101 Indonesia (instagram : @korean101_id). I always mentioned this project to several events that I participated and medias that already interviewed me. Basically, I just want to improve my korean language skill and help other people out to learn basic korean language as well (especially people who have struggle in economic condition or tight budget). I already learned Korean language for almost 2 years, by teaching other people I can re-studying everything again.


Margareta Vania x Bvoice Radio for AIGOO Radio Show

My late update about my first moment ever collaborated with Bvoice Radio. I do feel really happy to remember that moment. Actually Cath (person who taken control for AIGOO show) contacted me to be the guest star for the live radio show. Bvoice Radio is pretty well known in Binus University and among several university students. Actually being featured in Bvoice Radio show is also one of my bucket list, why? Because I'm a student in that university. I already got featured in several BinusTV shows, it's about time to participated in Bvoice Radio program. Finally I did it!

That photo was taken on the spot by my best friend, Dara. She is one of the senior there at Bvoice Radio. Lucky me that I had been knowing Dara since then. She said "I am looking like a proud mom here mar!" LOL. It's pretty awkward and fun at the same time of course, she looked at me because I'm her friend and she's also one of the senior there. Interesting.

They interviewed me about my job as a blogger, model, and an university student. How can I manage my time due to busy schedule everyday, yadda yadda yadda. Plus, I introduced my informal study club called Korean101 Indonesia. I opened this informal study club last year. I want to improve my korean language skill and help other people who want to learn korean language (especially people who have tight budget or difficulties in economy bakcground). 

We played games such as "Guess the word in Korean" and "Kpop Public Knowledge" hahaha. I sang a bit at the end because I acknowledge G-Dragon's debut experience, oh my gosh I totally forgot about the real answer tho. They asked "what is the first song that GD sang at the audition?" LOL FORGIVE ME GD Sunbae! But hey, finally I could sing a song live on a radio show. I sang a small part of WINNER - Baby Baby.

Monday, May 2, 2016


Hello everyone! (I am saying this in almost every blog post that I usually make) As you know, this blog is being my public diary for such a long time. I write almost every single thing here at my blog, just in case in the future I decided to look back again. I don't easily want to erase my life journey because I easily forget small things (maybe my brain is not that strong enough? hahaha, just kidding). I know that I'm pretty confident about my ability in memorize things. But as an ordinary human, sometimes... I forget things that I've done too. That's the reason why I really need to post this story up to my blog.

Comeback to the main topic, the reason that I want to make this blog post is not about telling you guys an excuse. I am not being an active blogger for the past few months because this semester I have so many things to do. Right now, I'm on the 6th semester and no need a long time facing my final year in university. Times go so fast, it seems like yesterday I wrote my experience here at my blog about my struggle, happy memories, and things or projects that I made. Just in one year or less, I will graduate from this university. The point is in this year especially when my 6th semester is going to end soon, I am going to go to overseas.

What am I doing? I am going to have volunteering job overseas to teach foreign language and culture in Bangkok, Thailand (but I am going to live in Rural Area). I am going to go on June 30th 2016 and going back home on August 18th 2016. Yes, I am going to go to Thailand during my summer break / when my 6th semester is going to be ended. I am an International Relations student. I don't particularly have an international experience to work overseas. I need to get my international level certificate to improve my CV and I can apply to a nice company / getting a nice job in the future. ASEAN Community does affect me a lot and I am going to pop out from my comfort zone to face it.

I already experienced working in teams, certain companies, designers, or even media offices, but still I don't want to risk my life after I graduated in the future. I really want to have a proper experience with foreign country, foreign people, new society, and new culture. I already did travel to Thailand before, I even posted several photos from my last visit to Thailand. It was probably in 2011 or something. It was for holiday and I was coming there with my family. Now, this is my only chance to go overseas without my family and challenge myself. 

Honestly, I do feel afraid if something doesn't work out. But at least, I try my best. I did apply to AIESEC in my campus for Global Citizen Program. I got interviewed from my LC (Local Committee) in Binus University. I passed the interview session with a good score though, thanked God. I also signed a contract with them and apply to other LC overseas. I applied to Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. I am getting interested with Thailand national project called Sawasdee Project. I also watched several vlogs on youtube and did research about the university. I found out that university's one of the best public university in Thailand based on modern educational system.

What is my job? My job is basically teaching kids (7 - 18 years old) English and also talk about foreign cultures to make them be more open minded about the world. That sounds pretty interesting to be honest. I am going to live in rural area (because I am going to teach in rural area) with my host family. I hope that I can get a nice host family and new family there. Rural area in Thailand is not that bad comparing to Indonesia rural area tho. This makes me realize how Indonesian young generation also need to improve our own education and living standards.

Actually the project is going to be ended on August 13th 2016, but I extend my stay in Thailand until August 18th 2016. I want to experience Indonesia's Independence Day in foreign country. Probably, I can go to Indonesian Embassy there to celebrate it together with fellow Indonesian people who stay in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you want to know about budgeting and how much money that I prepared for this project, do not hesitate to ask me via email : margareta.vania@gmail.com

I am going to post some vlogs on my youtube channel, so you can know how I live and stay there later!