Saturday, April 28, 2012

Giveaway : Winner Announcement for My First Giveaway to Celebrate 100,000+ readers!

Finally this is my winner <3 @nyushebat 
i already sent her a special mention so please clearly reply my mention and send me an email about your address and post code of your location. I will send the JiYeon's stripe shirt to your house.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blessed and Thanked

photo with Adjie Notonegoro as our judge 

Alexander Ricky Reza Tanaka - Male Most Favorite Category 2012
Margareta Vania - Female Best Photogenic Category 2012

I just want to say thank you for all my supporters and all my blog readers that always pray for me and for my schoolmate so we can go trough to this level now. I can't imagine live without all of you. Thank you so much. 

Thanks to my family, my big family that give me supports as well. For my friends that came to The Final in LIVE! Thank you so much... screamed like a hell .... MARGAREEETT.......!!! AAAWWW that's the sweetest moment ever...

The Final Night - Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan 2012

Malam Penganugerahan Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan 2012

Opening dance : Belanda, Jepang, Betawi

 After the opening : Parade 30 Finalist of RCJS 2012
I wore Prada (Blue) Batik and the prada's shape was inspired by cheongsam outfit.

My schoolmate here..we both joined this competition together and fight together.

My favorite part, let's dance and sing! Theme Song of Remaja Ceria

dug dug dug dug dug and the winner for Best Photogenic 2012....teng teng....who is it?

That's me :') from SMAK ABDI SISWA ... untill now i'm thinking i dreaming?? ;') My schoolmate also won for The Most Favorite (Category)...

My seniors came to us, .... and and........... i cried :')

Finally !!! Thank you Jesus, family, and friends for the supports!

I really want to say thankyou so much to all friends who always support me by gave me so many votes on twitter and facebook. I also want to apologize if i hurt someone's feeling when i decided to join this competition. I never want to brag or show off about this. This is just a small competition but this competition means alot for me. Maybe this is not big as Miss Indonesia or Putri Indonesia competition but every step which i choose, i prefer the small step at first and big for the next step. I learn from so many people from this experience. If i don't win this competition i already find out my new family who can accept me the way i am. Thankyou so much!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pastel Colors

Feeling cool and comfy with pastel color because it will brighten up your skin. Pastel color is really helping all women and also men that have dark skin to feel more confident with their skin type. Because same as i said at first,...pastel color will brighten up your skin without to act and tan your skin to be whiter.. I will share the photos how to mix and match pastel color outfits. I got it via tumblr and some of it i got the picture from Google search and copy to my blog, so copyright is belong to the real owner of all these photos! Happy looking guys! :]


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Meet and Greet - Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan 2012

See me and also meet&greet to see "ME" there *hahaha* with 30 others finalist of Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan.
I will be there and i want to see you guys there! Hope all of you can come to see me and others finalist. 
Maybe you want to take some photo with us and i will upload it to my blog for my next blog post! I will tag your name and your website for my next blog post... and don't forget i still wait all of your email for my FIRST WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY! FREE JiYeon's stripe shirt from Lovey Dovey Tokyo Version!

Meet and Greet 
by Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan
Wardrobe by Betty & Sarinah
Make up by Puteri Peachberry
13th April 2012 , Main Atrium, Pejaten Village Mall, Jakarta

See you there guys! I hope all of you can come to see our event! 


Sunday, April 1, 2012

VOTE ME ON FACEBOOK - Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan 2012

Number 12
Japanese Theme

I really need your help to like my photo but you have to add "Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan" as your friend first on facebook. After your request accepted by them you can like my photo. Please just like my photo because another finalist already have their own fans and supporters <3 click here to like! Thank you so much for your attention guys, Jesus bless you.