Sunday, November 30, 2014

Movie Grain

Beanie - UNIQLO,  Choker - Damn Awesome Bali, Inner and Leather Jacket - ZARA, High Waisted Short - La_Petitecloset, Shoes - Mighty8shoes, Backpack - Adidas Neo Label

I really into chokers lately. Finally, after i feel confuse for such a long time...i buy one set tattoo choker in black and red. I think, choker is making my appearance different than before. I see how contrast my emotion on pictures after i wear it. I already got many compliments. LOL! Tattoo choker is being my newest crush.

Another crush for this week is my short. The vintage piece that i got from La_Petitecloset actually in the early of November. I just got time for blog photoshoot. I love how the Movie Grain Effect on every picture is being connected to the vintage piece feeling. My camera is actually broken, that's why the pics here have so many noises. I feel so retro and rad. I really recommend this online store for you guys who really want to go shopping in low budget. Check @La_petitecloset on instagram.


INSTAGRAM | LINE ID : Lapetitecloset | BBM Pin : 7E4D8E22

Good luck and God Bless!


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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Comeback to Black Photoshoot

Crop Top - MargaretaVania Wardrobe, Jeans - LOGO, Outer and Platform - Yeni's wardrobe

Photo by Yeni N. Navisya - DKV Binusian 2017

I don't want to waste my friend and my efforts. So better than nothing, i post the result to my blog. These pictures were coming from the latest photoshoot project with my friend. I think, it can be my newest simple fashion post. Come on, you can't go wrong with black crop top, jeans, and denim outer. Plus the magic platform shoes are going to make your outfit looking good.

If some of you want to ask "How to style black crop top?" In my opinion, you can take this post as your simple inspiration. I believe some of you who really go in a rush, never think about "what do i need to wear today?". You just grab anything in front of you. Then,... This is the solution : prepare your crop top, denim long sleeve as your outer or you can put it on your waist, any kind of jeans (maybe high waisted is also great), your platform sandals/shoes, and grab your backpack! 

BOOM! You are going to be simplicity awesome!

Good luck and God Bless!


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Ready To Wear Outfit - Plaid Parka

Parka - Mintshoop, Inner - Indo Basic, Jeans - LEVI'S, Boots - ZARA

I just want to chill out with my comfortable casual outfit. Readers asked me before to post about ready to wear outfit. I think, it's really ready to wear outfit. You can wear this for warm up your body. It's been raining lately. I think warm outfit is a must! Parka is being a huge trend lately, hope you can try to style parka as well!

I found out this parka from mintshoop. A second hand or thrift online store with the best and friendly service as well. BOOM! Your package is going to arrived at your home with amazing scent. I mean even tho it's a second hand parka,... it's coming from overseas aka import parka and it's freaking CLEAN. I can smell "aaarg,.. how amazing the fragrance is!" I think the owner did laundry to all of mintshoop parka(s) collection.

Do not forget about the inner. I got it from Indo Basic. You can definitely see how Indo Basic manufactured their high quality shirt with high materials. I definitely fall in love how amazing the t-shirt quality is. It's not expensice either. The best thing is, Indo Basic was becoming one of the Miss UMN 2014 brand partner. Do you want to feel fabulous wearing t-shirt only with $6?

INSTAGRAM | Whatsapp : 085726412414 | LINE ID: Miminatiarta

Indo Basic
"The not equal basic you need" 
o p e n  o r d e r
LINE ID : INDOBASIC | SMS : 081291010282 

Good luck and God Bless!


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Monday, November 24, 2014

My Journey in Jakarta - I Love Taimei 我愛台妹

BBQ Crispy Chicken and Milk Tea without topping

I Love Taimei 我愛台妹, Central Park, West Jakarta

It's raining here. The time when you want to chill at your room. Drink your favorite drinks or eat your favorite foods. Don't judge me to post something delicious snack from I Love Taimei. I spent around $5 for the whole package. The BBQ Crispy Chicken was so delicious and the original Milk Tea was also fresh. I went to I Love Taimei with my friend, Lisa. As always.... 

Plus it's not complete if you eat this without amazing music in rainy days. Yeap, i am listening to WINNER's songs lately. Love the soft touch of Color Ring and Empty. I love Mino's solo rap song as well, I'm Him. So catchy and i feel so energized after hear I'm Him.

Good luck and God Bless!


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Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Journey in Jakarta - Sweets from Ismaya Kitchenette Jakarta

Ismaya - Kitchenette, Central Park, West Jakarta.

Midterm exam is finally over. Can i treat my own self? I went to kitchenette with my friend, Lisa. Just chill and chat. We ate so many things only in one day. Those cakes were so good. The strawberry juice, yeah... just pretty ordinary like other strawberry juice. One thing that you need to know!! Lisa's drink was DA BOOM! I forgot about the name. But if kitchenette read this post, please let me know. I want to order again in the future. It was sad because i wanted Red Velvet at kitchenette. Since now, there is no red velvet cake again,... just red velvet drink does available.

Good luck and God Bless!


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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 - My Own Street Style for Fashion Week

The lecturers from Raffles Design Institute Jakarta, Margareta Vania (me), and Sarah Kate (@urbanwit)

These pictures are coming from my instagram account, if you want to follow me to catch up daily activities, event, and fashion post, you can follow me @margaretavania.

I went to Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 Day 4. I only had a free time during my busy scheduled week for my studies. But glad, just in one day i got recognized by some medias. Me and my friend also got the amazing souvenir from Senayan City mall as "the stylist mall visitors". I got featured on (street style website) and also featured on Mazda Indonesia Official Website ( How amazing was that?

I watched so many amazing fashion shows in one day. So many fashion graduates on that day. I was so amazed with their creativities. I feel so proud how fashion is improving in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. A lot of people know try to care about how they dressed up nicely which is good.

By the way, i also met the amazing lecturers from Raffles Design Institute Jakarta and the one of a kind Sarah Kate (as known as the host of K-STYLE at Channel M/Mnet with her partner Irene Kim) aka @urbanwit on instagram. Damn i was so lucky. She even told me about how tired the flight was and we met 3 times on that day. She is such a nice and beautiful person in real life. She commented on my instagram as well. How come.... meeting her was such an achievement outta my bucket list.

Good luck and God Bless!


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Monday, November 10, 2014

Beauty Review : How to keep your hair fresh all day? Sweet Pea - Natural Ingredients Dry Shampoo

(in the picture : my hair looks so healthy and smoother than before.)


I usually have this kind of hair when i go out :( my hair is not looking good, but now this dry shampoo is becoming my hero!

Long time no see, finally i am back with a new blog post. Well, it has been a long time for a beauty review post. Now i have a chance to write something about my opinion about this product. So i got the package from @sweetpeadryshampoo_id. I already try this dry shampoo around 3 1/2 weeks. I really like to go travel a lot, that's why i can't basically wash my hair everyday or one every 2 days. This dry shampoo helps my day, i don't have any bad hair day again. The good thing is, is coming with natural ingredient. How cool is that? Mine is chocolate. It smells so delish, i even want to eat it.

Positive :
1. Affordable!
2. Easy to use!
3. I am not an expert in hair treatment, but i feel my hair is becoming smoother. 
4. It smells so good!
5. Powder dry shampoo. It means you can grab any amount of the dry shampoo that you want!

Negative :
1. The product stays in a good condition maybe only in 3 months. But i believe if you keep the product away from the sun light, i think it can be longer.
2. First time, i got a hard moment to open the can.

Do you want to try to order? You can order yours at

shipping to Singapore as well!
INSTAGRAM | Whatsapp : 081908670322 | Line ID : beatrixbetania



Good luck and God Bless!


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