Monday, May 14, 2018

Random : Hello, I am starting a new chapter in my life as first graduate!

Finally, new blog post!


I am not dead. I am still alive. For the longest time, I am wondering about my future. I graduated in December 2017 from Binus University. I took International Relations as my major. I learned Politics and Diplomatic Relations between states. I really want to work in some organizations that connected with it but at the end, my heart is keep saying no.

I am not applying work at famous company or any office like my friends' do. I know that I am not able to work under someone else and working about something that I done truly love. My dad actually asked me to apply to his friend's company but I also declined the offer. I am sure that easily getting bored with routine is my biggest problem.

After long debate with myself and deal with stress, I decided to continue my business. I am teaching Korean language in @Korean101_id and I opened the study service for the first time when it was around 2015. I continue offer several study services such as private course, online class, TOPIK 1 lesson, and also study club. I am okay with this business, the market also grown bigger but I don't know until when Indonesian people would love to learn about this language. I believe that Education is never stop improving, I hope many people still love learning new things such as learning korean language. It is going to be a good opportunity for me.

If you really curious about Korean101 please check our instagram account!

Outside of that, I launched my instagram online store called @areumdaun.pibu, it means beautiful skin based on Korean language. I sell korean original skincare and beauty products. I learn that I don't need to think too much to start something that I actually like and concerned about. I really love selling something and offering people something. Idk why, but I really enjoy it.


I also need your support to make my business and efforts grow better.

I don't think to earn much money, you need to always work under someone else. I honestly earned more than most first graduates' income in Jakarta. I know that having our own business is quite hard and every month we can have different amount of incomes. Meanwhile, people who work in the office can earn mutual/the same amount of money every single month. 

But hey, if you are doing things like me... don't be afraid! Let's face it and show them that we can do better than just working under someone else's arm. If you are prefer working under someone, it doesn't mean your decision is wrong... it's just a matter of preference.

Wish me luck and I hope you discover your near plan!