Monday, May 29, 2017

Wear Colors and Floral Trend in Summer

Bomber - New Item that I bought it from Carousell App, Inner - Stradivarius, Tennis Skirt - from Bangkok, Shoes - Adidas Superstar, Pink Socks - from Bangkok, Bag - Berrybenka

Hello everyone, welcome back again with me!

Welcoming summer trend, I have been seeing pastel or contrast color fashion items as a trend. Also, floral and stripe patterns are everywhere. I am not a typical person who getting into floral pattern as my style. My thought is a bit too feminine for me. But I think, lately my style is changing a bit to be more colorful than before. I am trying to wear color more than black, white, or navy. I used to like pink when I was so young back then. I am getting older and preferring darker colors or versatile colors. I didn't even imagine myself to try wear pink pastel or other colorful fashion items like just now.

Well, I guess we can't clearly predict the exact fashion trends that might come in the future and we can't stop to keep exploring about fashion style. Nothing is right or wrong in fashion, so keep exploring!


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Saturday, May 6, 2017

My Journey to South Korea - LIVING IN SOUTH KOREA Youtube Series / Vlog (Episode 1-3)

Hello guys! 

These are latest videos on my youtube channel. I am making my own youtube series called "Living in South Korea" due to my long stay there. I think, it will be a bit different than typical Korean Vlog because I will share tips and tricks on the next episode. I put every detail about the places and stuffs on youtube video description box. Make sure you read that okay?

Also, I will comeback to South Korea at the end of the year to see my boyfriend and his family back in Korea. I can't wait to meet people that I know there, eating delicious korean food, and discovering new places. I will upload more episodes soon, I hope all of you can enjoy these three videos first! I have so many projects and I am still on my exam week, that's why I can't edit or upload more videos lately. March and April both were the hardest months actually. I did struggle a lot to survive in uni. 

Happy watching!