Wednesday, January 28, 2015 x Tex Saverio Capsule Collection Launch Party 2014

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Some of you ask me "why don't you update about Tex Saverio's event?" So here it is, my past event to Tex Saverio's new Capsule Collection Launch Party. I got the invitation delivered to my home which was so nice, thanked to!! [By the way,..I really love, you can buy a lot of fashion items there from ordinary - designer brands.] As you probably know, i am a huge fan of Tex Saverio and his creations. I made an old blog post about his design for Lady Gaga long time ago, click here to see it!

A dream came true! Finally, i met him in real life. I didn't take any photo of me and him, but i took photo with other blogger friends and he was in the middle of the frame. It was okay. He was so busy went over here and there, he said hi to medias, to his clients, and some important people. I couldn't stop him or even force him just like "gosh, please take photo with meeee!" I would be get kicked out from the venue.

So what do you guys learn from this post? Imagine, do something, and you get it. I never think that i can meet him or even say Hi! to him. But i did meet him last year and i said Hi! to him awkwardly. I did sign the welcoming board I am just like, who the hell am i? HAHAHA. I think my effort to keep blogging and trust to my own feeling definitely brought me to that moment.

PS : In real life, he was just same like a japanese manga character. Cutie and fierce at the same time! Surprisingly he's so petite.

Good luck and God Bless!


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Sunday, January 25, 2015

I am just trying new things

Glasses - Margareta Vania Wardrobe, Dress - Zeeos_id, Wedges - Steve Madden, Necklace - Floshop, Temporary Tattoos - Art on You

(click the brands to see their collections!)

Basically this is not my formal fashion post. I just try to wear some endorsement stuffs and i feel quite funny. Yes, i know it's kind of a bloddy miss match. In a funny way,....Especially about the dress. My mom says that i really look alike as a spanish girl with that dress. She tells me to go to the spanish festival with that dress. But i am not spanish so,...i am not going to that kinf of event lol.

By the way, i just got a new pair of wedges from Steve Madden. I believe it's called Pammy Wedges, correct me if i am wrong here. It's really freaking comfortable and high at the same time. Believe me or not, i only have 2 pair of wedges at my shoe rack. The rest shoes are flats (included sneakers) and heels. I am not into this kind of style, perfectly as you can see. I prefer dress up casual and pair everything with my sneakers or convers.

How about you? Do you often wear dresses when you go out?

Good luck and God Bless!


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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Team Carousell Singapore x Jakarta Bloggers Meet Up

(Margareta Vania aka Me, Diras, Oliv, and Tata)

Location : Pizza Hut, Grand Indonesia, Central of Jakarta

My outfit of the day : White Cape Blazer, Inner - ZARA, Legging and Beanie - UNIQLO, Wedges - Steve Madden Pammy

Some of you probably do not know them really well, that's why i want to feature them in my blog. I hope all of you can also get to know them from now on. Support us as always!

Firstly, i met Diras at INFARE 3. This meet up was actually being my second time to meet her in real life. She is really cute and her Japanese sense of style is definitely being suitable for her petite body. I love how she was being talkative to me and other friends from Team Carousell Singapore. We talked a lot, especially about Xia Xue's viral post about Gushcloud and Gushcloud responses. LOL we really do up to date. She is the new talent for Japan Station Navigator, please support her and follow her if you really love Japan. She does deserve more attention. Her attitude is so bubbly and fun! Click here to know her more! If some of you who don't know Japan Station Navigator, you better search it on Google to know more. Diras is being their new talent to sing and dance, also to promote Japanese culture, fashion style, and etc about Japan in Indonesia. When some people like to judge this kind of job as a copycat act of Japanese artists, well you are just stupid. She does damn things to promote Japan.

About Oliv and Tata, they are actually working as internship employees at Carousell Singapore (The No. 1 Best app for you to selling your new and preloved stuffs). We all called them Team Carousell (in fact all people who support Carousell, we called them as Team Carousell as well). I had been worked with them for several months since last year. I did collaboration with Carousell Singapore to open my own garage sale brand, as you can see at my blog side bar. It's all being facilitated by Carousell Singapore. Thanked to the internet because Oliv finally found me as blogger partner.

Well, i think that's it. I think this post is bringing a fresh feeling to you, because i am not sharing things about my self. See you at the next blog post!

Good luck and God Bless!


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Beauty Review : Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit [Natural Beige]

Hey long time no see! I am back with new beauty review of my new favorite BB Cream. At first time, i didn't really want to try this BB Cream. I felt afraid if this BB Cream could break my skin out. I search for several recommendations and i decided my self to got it online. Do not be afraid because it's original Etude House, not the fake one. I never do beauty review on fake products and recommended to you guys. Just no. 

I think this review can help you out before you buy this BB Cream from Online or Etude House counter at your local mall / nearest mall from your home. This blooming fit is also really suitable for any kind of skin type honestly but it is working at its best on combination skin.



If you are wondering "Margaret, do you use makeup sponge to blend your BB Cream?" The answer is YES. Asian girls nowadays really love to do natural and light makeup, honestly it's because korean makeup trend is spreading around the world.

But, if makeup sponge does take too much product (because the BB Cream does absorbed to the makeup sponge), i think foundation brush does a great job to replace the makeup sponge. Basically if you want to spread and blend the BB Cream without thinking to use any tools, just use your clean hand.


The smell of this BB Cream is amazing. It doesn't smell fruity but it also doesn't smell to rosy (like a damn flower). It just does smell good, so fresh and a little bit chillin when you apply it to your skin. Also you can use it for a long long time. Hmmm, except if you like to apply too much BB Cream on your skin, it is not going to last longer than you expected before.


The BB Cream DOES LOOK REALLY BRIGHT! BUT....Just be easy girl, you just need to blend it more and do not apply too much at your skin. The BB Cream color is going to be blend out perfectly and you are ready to apply the next step to complete your makeup. 

So at the end of the review, do i recommend this to you? Of course! Personally, i kinda like this BB Cream and i hope some of you give a try to this BB Cream. Etude House is a well known korean makeup brand, so i think it's not going to be bad on their BB Cream lines.

If you want to see another beauty review, i am going to update more! I hope all of you can learn how to improve your makeup skill and always be pretty. Remember, almost people are so visual these days, your makeup look is one of the reason to get a good first impression. There is nothing wrong to apply a little bit makeup, isn't it? If people say "i love girls who look naturally pretty." The fact girls do natural makeup and skin care. No one is pure natural in this world except under age kids or baby. HAHAHA. 

Good luck and God Bless!


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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Weird Circus

Outer - Mintshoop, Inner - Korea, Necklace - Floshop, Pants - LEVI'S from Golden Rod ID, Totebag - OwnMe20, Shoes - NB

[click the brands' name above to check their collections]

It's so hot outside. I even couldn't open my eyes widely lol. 

Another fashion inspiration update for you guys. Weird Circus. Maybe i choose this as weird fashion update because that amazing weird eyeballs totebag. It's weirs but also cute at the same time. I can't control my self when i open the amazing endorsement package from Own Me. Other accessory is my necklace. My necklace is freaking adrobs, it's from Floshop. Combined adorbs accessory and bag = weird. lol

Again, i want to say thank you for Golden Rod ID. Golden Rod ID sent me those amazing LEVI'S Jeans worth $80+!! How amazing!! Make sure you check those brands out and get your own stuffs. Maybe if you say that you know those brands from me, you'll get a special offer. lol

By the way, i feel really sad because a lot of people are not being active again on my blog. My readers are being unactive lately. So i think, i am going to post fresh blog post at least two per week. I want to give you nice inspirations and i always wait for your response back for me to grow better than before. Do not always expect me to update fashion inspirations that you want but just let me be "margareta vania", self... not as other person. 

Good luck and God Bless!


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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Random : What things did happen in 2014?

Finally, i have a bit of time to write something on my public diary. I can't tell you about how the time that goes too fast. I need to be proud of my self because i achieve so many things already in 2014, but it is not making me preach on other people. I am not successful yet, i am just growing to be better than before. That's all. So i think why don't i share to you some of amazing things which did happen in 2014. Throwback to appreciate my own self.

I am totally blessed with everything, these are more than enough. In one year, i went through many things. I went through disappointment, happiness, break up, rising, sadness, and everything. I am being stronger and being way more mature than before.

The saddest moments : I lost my beloved Grandma. I even can't stop crying when i see her photo. We are just too close to each other, heart to heart. :(

Some people ask me if i want to get married after i graduate, the answer is no. Some people ask me if i am now currently single or not. Yea in between probably, i am on my break but clearly i am using my break time far away from "falling in love" virus with other person. I live in the different country from a person that i love, now we are just having a break for awhile.  I am busy with my life and he is busy with his life. I am still talking with him (that Korean man) via chat application, but show must go on. We are going to meet in this year, just hope. I met him in May 2014. I need to admit that, yes i miss him a lot.

But i am afraid at the same time. Unrequited love is being my boyfriend for such a long time. I can 't see the differences between real love or friends with benefits. I am just being afraid. So my decision is going to be with my own for awhile. I am being way more mature than before. I see that "happiness is just standing for awhile, everything is being here just for awhile."

The happiest moments : when I can earn my own money. I can buy several things that i want on my wish list by my own money and savings. I need to be proud here, sorry to say i am proud of my self. I don't want to be over proud of my own self too because i achieve all these things because my family and friends help me so. Also, i got high scores at campus. My GPA's 3.8 outta 4.0 :") I met so many amazing people and inspirations. I took so many photos with public figures, my blogger friends, and many people that i never imagine before to be met with. I got featured in some websites and magazine. I also held my second seminar and talk show at Grand Indonesia, it was amazing! I also do some collaborations with many clients and online shops in one year.

Here they are :
(Complete details about date release, click here!)

I can't wait to see what will happen in 2015. If some of you who want to do a collabo with me make sure you email me to! Let's make a new memory and achievement this year together. I was starting my journey on internet since forever. I am glad because everything is turning well. Well done!

Happy new year, let's making memories and achieve new things in 2015!

Margareta Vania

Good luck and God Bless!


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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Brother and Sister Travel Casual Outfit Idea and Tips

"when you want to take your camera and your bro snaps it. damn."

Top - COLORBOX Indonesia, Skater Skirt - Korea, Socks - TOPSHOP, Shoes - NB, Snapback - Snapback World ID, Bag - my mom's LV

I never post about my brother's outfit update because he is hella not getting interested to dress up. I never hear people compliment about his crocs sandals. HAHAHA. I think, it sounds weird if someone says "you look amazing with your converse!" but what ever lah. But because these photo were taken during my traveling and trip to Central Java last year, finally i decide to update these photos. 

"The point of travel outfit is to dressing up as simple as possible."

I suggest you to wear long sleeve top with cotton material because it doesn't feel hot when you wear it. Plus, long sleeve top protects your skin from the sun light and from strange thing which could scratch your skin.

You are going to walk alot. You never know what thing is going to be happen, so make sure if you want to wear skirt...use inner under it or choose skort as your bottom. The other choice to wear pants to make sure your legs don't get chilly. Do not forget to wear your favorite comfortable pair of sneakers. 

For accessories, you can rock your backpack for example : Adidas backpack collections are kinda cool and minimalistic for travel. I suggest you again to wear your favorite snapback, it protects your head from againnn the freaking hot sun light and rain during the rainy day.

Good luck and God Bless!


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