Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fashion Inspiration : Outfits on Christmas Day

Posted some inspired outfit from the runaway and fashion catalog. I can't wait to dressing up nicely on Christmas Day. How about you? Do you prefer a simple outfit or a quirky outfit for a special Christmas Day? Maybe some of you really like to wear a printed sweatshirt or even a costume on Christmas Day. Well, you can express it!

I am not feeling sure yet about those outfits above for a Christmas Day. I feature those outfits because they are simple and looking so comfy but yet stylish at the same time. I personally don't mind to wear comfortable outfits on a Christmas Day.

This outfit above is definitely my favorite. It's so cute! I think, It's going to be nice to wear this outfit when you are opening your Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree at the same time. Jeremy Scott is such a creative designer. I really love all his designs. His style is fun and so expressive. I think his designs are being suitable for all fun occasion, such as Valentine, Christmas, New Year, and Party.


Don't forget about some fun shoes on Christmas Day. I rarely find a great pair of sneakers, but I suddenly find out these awesome sneakers after browsing the internet several times. Again, Jeremy Scott for Adidas sneakers are my favorite. This world is not fair. I need more money to buy all of these sneakers. I'm broke! LOL.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Beauty Review : How To Get a Healthy Skin?

Many people really want a healthy skin for life and also for women beautiful views. You can't be beautiful without being healthy! So if you don't like vegetables, hard kinds of fruits, choose Vitamin C or Orange. Eating orange ! Juice that Orange ! Or you choose multivitamin isotonic for your skin like YOU.C1000 Vitamin Orange and Vitamin Lemon. But the natural products are more healthy more and more than chemical products! :)

Which can be sought from You c1000 vitamin C drinks!

The powerful little bottles contain a full of 1000mg of vitamin C each bottles, which your body desperately needs to produce collagen, fight signs of aging, stronger bones and teeth etc. But our body don't need to much Vitamin C. So it's okay to buy chemical products with 1000 - 2000mg Vitamin C, but don't drink it EVERY DAY! Or in one day you can drinking 7 - 8 bottles, DON'T DO THAT! That's horrible for your stomach. WHY? Because all the vitamins that undigested will make a clot in the gut and are very dangerous for your body systems and skin.

Have a nice day and keep healthy! Good luck and God bless you!


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Beauty Review : DKNY Perfume 'love from New York

I bought this parfume in Singapore. It was really expensive, my parents bought this for me. This is DKNY for woman. For man, this colour is blue, natural blue. Thank you so much :* i really love this! It's about £27.00 and US $44.99 (in pounds and US dollar)

my perfume DKNY 'love from New York'