Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012 : Mini Haul

I bought the new color for my new nail polish. I had choose this because my old nail polish from oriflame already expired. I really want to try my nail polish on my nails. I loved this color because when my teacher sees it, they do think that i don't apply any nail polish on my nails. But if they see it carefully, they will say "ERASE YOUR NAIL COLORS NOW!"

and this was the cutest ear muff or ear warmer that i ever seen.. kyaaaa...you can put the ribbon up and down, so cute!

the last is my new glasses. Purple and just same as candy's color. So i grabbed it! :]


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Abdi Siswa Choir - Fesparawi DKI Jakarta

Applied at my face : Aloe BB Cream from Skin Food, Mineral Powder from my private doctor, lip balm. 

Hello guys, after a long journey with my life finally i write a new post for today. I really happy because my school got a 3rd place for Fesparawi choir competition. My school name is Abdi Siswa Catholic Senior High School or SMA Catholic Abdi Siswa. 3rd place from 37 other schools was so an amazing thing! We just practiced for 4 weeks and got 3rd place?! so amazing.. These are the photos at the toilet, because only in the toilet we could feel free to take many of photos...LOL!


My TROL face with the Fesparawi Trophy.

We were celebrating it at Puri Indah Mall today with friends. We met some of our choir team too, they already changed their uniform to the everyday clothes.

(participate for these photos : mayline.merlin.mercy.citra)


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 2012 : Chinese New Year Haul

my real journey : MKG 3 - MKG 2 - La Piazza -Setiabudi - Home

Happy Chinese New Year, so sorry i couldn't touch my computer yesterday...because i went to Kelapa Gading to celebrate my Chinese New Year with my whole family and my mother's friend, and we went to together with them too. First i and my family went to Mall Kelapa Gading 3. I looked forward for a new HD Camera and HD Handycam but they were so expensive..i got angpaos,... but i never want to waste them for unnecesarry *as always*

My father gave me an angpaos and i bought all of these things because it was necessary.. You want to know why? Let's check it out!

After finished at MKG 3... i went to Mall Kelapa Gading 2 and guess what! We saw barongsai,...kyahahahah! start 3 years old, i really like to watch barongsai performances..They are tooooo cuteeeee! CUTEEE >_____<

Okay foget it! I went to MKG 2 and found out some cool thing. My camera blitz broken a long time ago and i need to replace it with optional blitz. I have my pop out blitz before. So i just wanted to try a new thing that i never knew before.

I bought the Digital Cleaning Kit too for my camera lenses and my camera LED.

I got some art project and i had to buy this a package of water colors. A bit expensive! But the result was so good!

I bought a three size of brushes, not a makeup brushes! This is for painting...

These were some of my angpaos.. :]

I bought some Spa Milk Salt, which the brand called A BONNE. This was coming from Thailand and imported to Indonesia. I got it from Watsons The Local Drugs Store. This product got a superbrands from Philippine. 

I bought this too from Watsons and this was the local brand from watsons. Repairing Treatment Wax - Honey for dry or permed hair. Lately my hair is becoming worst day by day. Maybe it's because a hair styling, salon really like to ironing my hair because i have a modelling class every saturday per week. The result was making my hair become so soft.

설날 복 많이 받으세요!!!!

설날 복 많이 받으세요!!!!

설날 복 많이 받으세요!!!!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lunar (Chinese) New Year Outfit

Blue Shanghai Dress, Broken White Pumps, Earrings from Bali, Bracelet from Bali

I got this from long time ago, my grandma gave this shanghai dress for me. I really like it, so i use this every year for my Chinese New Year Celebration and don't forget we have to buy some new clothes and things that we have to wear on when New Year is on. Because it means of luck and we can have a great future with all new supports also hard work! 

I also bought a new pumps from NLR Online Shop, but the owner don't have any website to link on! So if you want to order some great dresses, skirts, pumps, or hot pants from the NLR Shop, you can ask me for the information by send me an email to : margareta.vania@gmail.com

I can't say the greetings today because i will not get any luck! I'll say the greetings tomorrow, because Lunar New Year will be start tomorrow. Have a nice sunday all! Have a nice weekday with your family! God bless you!

멋진 휴가를 해요! 친구와 가족과 함께 즐기세요!
멋진 휴가를 해요! 친구와 가족과 함께 즐기세요!
멋진 휴가를 해요! 친구와 가족과 함께 즐기세요!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Broken White Pumps

I bought from an online shop, but i contact the person via blacberry mssger. I love it! But the negatives are little bit dirty, i waited for too long! and it's not quite neat. You want to order something like this? Just search on some online shops from the internet guys :]


Friday, January 20, 2012

January 2012 : My Mini Vintage Vanity Tour 2012

I really want to organise these all stuffs to look more vintage and warm, because my house was designed a long time ago. My grandpa is a dutch and my grandma is chinese, so many an old stuffs at my house. So just want to make them worth it with this condition. Vintage is so in right now in everywhere so i just want to make my room a little bit look vintage too... This is my mini vintage vanity table, my grandma gave this a long time ago because i still a teenager so i think and everyone thinks that i don't really need a big enough for a vanity table. This is still not the right time! :] So how does your vanity table look?

I do this by my self, i covered all the spots with the Gold and Red ribbons because it's kind to old when you come to see it. This place is for my Lipbalms.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fox/Owl Vintage Bag

Front Side of This Bag

Back Side of This Bag 

Inner Side of This Bag

So this is so worth it, i'm spending my money for this medium size vintage bag. The fox bag came with the ears, at first i thought that "it's an owl vintage bag". After i read again, the picture said "The Fox Bag". I bought it from Freunde House Online Shop. Add Freunde House Online Shop Facebook and contact @kartikadewisari and @clarissardelia for the next info. The original and the display picture = so same = so real! LOVE THIS QUALITY ! :]


Monday, January 16, 2012

Me and My Little Crown

Little Crown, Cocktail dress from Chic Simple, White Guess Watch, Forever 21 Pearl Bracelet, Charles & Keith Stiletto (my favorite heels)

I stressed out because i have to find some cocktail dress for my photosession and the next problem on next saturday (2 weeks more) i will attend some choir competition...at the other side i have to be there for my photoshoot session. How frustated i am... :[ Also beside of my problems, i want to say thank you very much to all you guys...All of you keep tweeting to my twitter and follow my twitter too. But some of my readers said yesterday that he couldn't find my name on twitter, so just search me on here @margaretavania ... for followback you have to tweeting with my name and "with an interestinf topic"...i will surely follow you back :] don't forget! use a polite words :)

Okay come back to my cocktail dress that i wear it for this photos. The let it flow line is making your body more  visible. So if you have a bad silhouette like me, just search some dresses that have a "let it flow" line.. *i call it like that*

내 블로그 독자들에게 정말 감사합니다!
하나님은 항상 축복이 있기를!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Movie Review : You Are My Pet Movie (너는 펫)

Finally i watch this korean movie, i really like it. Many people already said that this film would be like romantic erotic film, but i think after many people said about that,...You Are My Pet changed a little bit concept so this film will not have the negative expressions again. 

Kim Ha Neul and Jang Geun Suk are the main characters for this film. I love the cover so much, because it's pink and Kim Ha Neul is so pretty with her black dress. 

Movie Infos
Title: You’re My Pet / You Are My Pet

Also Known As: 너는 펫 / Neoneun Pet / きみはペット

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Year: 2011

Genre: Romance, Drama

Kim Ha-Neul – Ji Eun-Yi
Jang Geun-suk / Jang Keun-Suk – Kang In-Ho
Ryu Tae-Joon – Cha Woo-Sung
Jung Yoo-Mi – Lee Young-Eun
Choi Jong-Hoon – Ji Eun-Soo
Kang Ha-Neul – Young-Soo
Kang Hae-In – Kim Mi-Sung
Ko Na-Eun – Kim Jin-Ah
Lee Jin-Hee – Yoo Ah-Young
Ahn Kil-Kang – chief editor

This is the Movie Trailer 

So i find out at Google about this two person and i see some cute photos. So i copied to my blog so all my viewers can see how cute they are getting along together for this film.

여러분 모두 좋은 휴가를 인정 해줬으면 좋겠다!
당신이 영화를 좋아하길 바래!