Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beauty Review : かわいい Kawaii & 얼짱 Ulzzang Secret Makeup Tips

Almost people are asking to me to being a kawaii or an ulzzang (얼짱)  I know what do they mean, they just want to be more prettier like them. So the secret just have 2 things , for Kawaii as japanese usually do just make your makeup as theme brown and their eyemakeup as HOT as HELL! For ulzzang the secret are pale skin and pop eyemakeup.

So if you want to make your eyes look pop same as ulzzang and kawaii people just try a fake lashes or a Extra Curl Mascara, i recommend Maybelline's mascara collection. I used Maybelline Volum' Express Lift Up Mascara. Curl your lashes first and apply this mascara 3rd time and your lashes are being like this! Look at my photo. If you want to grab and use a fake lashes use a dolly lashes. 

**)For pale skin you can use your favorite BB Cream.

Volum' Express Lift Up Mascara from Maybelline New York

Dolly kind of fake lashes + bottom lashes, i recommend about this "Dolly Wink" fake lashes, if you don't find this brand in your country you can buy another brand of lashes, but search a similar one! Almost kawaii and ulzzang use a dolly kind of lashes because the shape and the lashes cut patterns are very natural.

Eyeshadow use a light brown, White shimmer, and Dark Brown. Apply Light brown on your eyelids and use Dark Brown eyeshadow in the outer corner of your eyes, the final with your white shimmer apply to your inner corner of your eyes untill the outer corner and combine with the dark brown eyeshadow. You'll get this look!

Don't forget to use eyeliner on top of your eyes and make a wing out, just not to much just a little bit. Just use dark brown or black eyeliner. A great result is when u use a liquid eyeliner because they shape it'll make your eyes look bigger naturally. They give you a 3D big eye effect. But also you can use a pencil eyeliner to draw easier because a liquid eyeline will fast to dry :)

Pencil Eyeliners Black and Brown

Liquid eyeliner come with pencil or marker type.

Maybelline Pencil Eyeliners Black and Brown

For lip color just get a nude pink color for kawaii and for ulzzang just your lip tint and lip balm. Because an ulzzang's lip same as a Jaime Doll's lip Color. Red in the middle and pale outside. You can search Lip Tint brands too on google for example are : Tony Moly, The FaceShop Cherry Lip Tint *i use too*. Use a pink soft blusher for ulzzang but for kawaii use the same but apply 3rd time and you'll get a pink sheer cheek.

So you'll get these results

Kawaii Girl Come Out Inspired from Tsubasa Masuwaka

Beauty Review : Etude House New Cosmetics Recommendation

I really interested with all these stuffs and i'll buy it after i get Rp 700.000,- for saving my money first. I'll make these all new products to my shopping list. As you know the Precious Mineral BB Cream is not a new thing again from Etude House Cosmetic Products. They're coming in 3 different types, they're Sheer Silky Skin, Sheer Glowing Skin, and Sheer Flawless Skin. I wanna buy that Sheer Glowing Skin one. I will, i hope i can save my money as well so i can get full Rp 700.000,- . Yeap, as you know in Indonesia Etude House is so expensive because their products are really have "High Quality" it's not just a promise but they give us THE BEST RESULT! Also their products are imported from Korea. So now i live in Jakarta, in Indonesia. It's hard to get them as cheap as in Korea. Well, in Korea also not too cheap but you can get them easier than in Indonesia. 

So this is the look if you wearing them on your face,.. and you know what? IT'S NOT JUST A COMMERCIAL. It's true! Many people take a photo before and after use that Super Magic Precious Mineral BB Cream and their skin become really like a "Barbie Doll" so smooth and they were coming with SPF 30/PA++ How can this BB Cream came so perfect to our world ladies!

Sandara Park from 2NE1

The other is the photo about the result if you wearing a Nymph Aura Volumer. Your skin will be so bright and freshly same as the photo. You don't trust it? Buy it and see.. I already see so many people prove it in front of me and i just say " woaa.. " and enough.. I shopped many things about4 days ago and i get no money now! So i promise i'll save my money untill i can buy all these cosmetics, wait BB Cream and Nymph Aura! Don't cry because you're only in my shopping list now :(


Nymph Aura Volumer

I'm a teenager and i have unpredictable skin condition, sometime i get my skin is so dry and sometime my skin is becoming so oily. So i will use a loose powder to make my skin still healthy (Not dry and not oily). This is the important thing after you draw your face with BB Cream and Nymph Aura you need a loose powder to make your bb cream and nymph aura long last all day..

Nymph Aura Loose Powder (Natural Pearl Aura #1)


This is so good for your primer, for your eyes and your entire face. Before u use the foundation or BB Cream apply this Primer to be your first skin base and make your skin still keep healthy all day long because you're wearing a chemical makeup along day!... 

Nymph Aura Boosting Primer

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let's Go To The Beach

First i want to say Happy Holiday for all Indonesian and Selamat Hari Raya for all Muslims. Please forgive all my sins..

As you know many tropical countries have their own Hari Raya Holiday so i write this post to make your short holiday more interesting (short holiday for they are non muslims). Also for you all people who celebrate Hari Raya, they will have so long Hari Raya Holiday. We are brothers and sisters, we don't care about how different each others but we have to respect each others. Don't want to be a racism.

So going to the beach is the simple moment that you can have in your Holiday and your tropical country! I wore Undranded Ribbon, Miami Beach Top, Unbranded Mini Shorts, Carisson Italy Old Design Shoes, Purple Bracelet. I bought the glasses in Singapore 5 years ago, that's old!

I hope you can enjoy your holiday as much as you can and try this outfits at your home! Let's go out and find something interesting! Always use ur holiday time for refreshing all your worst mind after school and works! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beauty Review : Vintage Nail Art

전 지연 @pjy1234 처럼 닮았 무엇입니까? 모든 사람이 똑같은 말을!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ :p 

butbutbut..just look alike ㅠㅠ 

I posted and uploaded my photo to my facebook and twitter 45 minutes ago and just wait for 5 minutes someone already mention to my twitter that i look alike like Ji Yeon from T-ara. This is not the first i heard that kind of comment. I'm not arrogant or something, i know i'm just look alike and enough... I have nothing or any special things around my face. LOL! It's really interesting that someone said i'm look alike like Ji Yeon, because com'on she's pretty..everyone happy with that! HAHAHA! But i'm still i'm, Ji Yeon still Ji Yeon with her pretty face, and the final margareth still as margareth.. Okay i know~~ hahaha *feel so bad* jk~

So forget about Ji Yeon, i got a new nail art design  :p I designed my own nail art to be look so vintage. If you see my dark spots exactly at my hand, the one thing that can explain about that problem now it is because about 3 weeks ago i fell and i got injuries around my hand, legs, and waist. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beauty Review : Ulzzang Jaime Doll Makeup Inspired

Ping Outfit 1

I wore False Dolly Lashes, Liquid Black Eyeliner, Maybelline Chocolate Eyeliner, Roseberry Colors Lenses, Oriflame White Gillter for the eyes corner line, Peach Color Eyeshadow and Soft Pink Eyeshadow from Just Miss, Noona Italy Pink Blusher, Cherry Lip Tint from The FaceShop, and the last Victoria's Secret Big Rush Pink Plip Gloss.

So i got it finally how to make this jaime doll's eyes, eyes colors, and also about the eye shadow effect... It's make your face more innocent than before same as the doll concept.

Failed to camwhore -_- So forget about this one picture and see another makeup result pictures.. I don't really like to make a video tutorial about makeup. So if you want try this kind of make up, grab The Jaime Doll Photos from Google and make it to your own face. Trust me, isn't too hard to try this makeup on!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Beauty Review : Natural in Peace Makeup

White Just Miss White Eyeshadow
Oriflame Blue Transparent Mascara
Maybelline Chocolate Eyeliner

Past 4 hours ago, me and my best friend went to the mall to bought something important. I already saved my money for 2 months to buy all makeup, unique, and skin care stuffs. So i found it all items that i need for! Yeay! I got stress because i got examination for the past 2 weeks. What the hell i'm so tired.. and some problem about my bad gossip and some of my friends always tease me just wanna make me feel like an idiot, uncomfortable, lose, and stop to blogging. Yeap, they were saying a bad things and then talking about my makeup and my outfits. Oh c'mon THAT'S ONLY FOR MY PHOTOS FOR THE NEW BLOG POST! after that i'm not wearing a make up or fashionable silly stuffs! 

I hope they'll get the right answer and stop bullying me at school,... bullying with their own wild mouth! You know about karma right? So just keep believe God will take something to make you open wild your own eyes! Don't be like that! No one will like you as well! Just be kind, joyful, and lovable person!

Okay comeback to this makeup,...
So look natural, yes it's natural! I just put 4 items.. white eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and for the base i put a Hydro BB Cream from TheFaceShop...
Try it at home and Good luck!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Late 1970s

I inspired to wore these 1970's outfits because of the song Roly Poly from T-ara. Just got inspired of something cool. The era it's called Disco Era and the era it was around the late of 1970's. So old, am i right? Do you agree so with me?

I wore Unbranded Ribbon, My Mom's old blazer, My Mom's old pajamas and i made it to be a Nice Vintage Shirt, I got the Blue Short Pants from Sogo Indonesia, and Black High Heels also you can use anything that high enough. Because the trend in 1970's was about high shoes.

**Perfect tan or yellow skin is so look more hot if you wear this 1970's outfits.**

So sorry, lately my face being like a sleepy face because i have an eye treatments from my doctor to erase my dark circles. I study a lot till night because everyday in my school have an examination things. Wth my school~ but it's okay, i hope my eyes will get better in 3 months. I'm still waiting for it! Hope It!

Some pictures from T-ara old sepia photo concept, i got from Google because i Google it first, of course!
You can also search it too from Google and type "T-ara Roly Poly" and you can find the photos.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beauty Review : L'Occitane EN PROVENCE Ultra Rich Lip Balm

This is my lip balm recommendation for all of you people! Boys can also use it for their lips and also for girls. This lip balm it's so working for our non healthy lip condition. You have to try it at home. My father brought it from China, i don't know how, but this is made in France not made in China. 

How about the size? The size is still the same as another lip balm, tiny and you can bring it everywhere. You can put it in your makeup bag, in your pocket, in your small or big bag, or you want to put in your wallet. It's up to you! They also have their own website you can also open it, click !

With 10* shea butter and healthy castor oil for your lip. 

Hmm..It smells good!

How horrible my lip was, but because of this lip balm my lip become really healthy and come back as usual now. Just try it now, and buy at your local drug store and happy for china and france, you can get it fast! I hope so. hehehehe :) Good luck with your days ! God bless :*

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fashion Inspiration : Park Shin Hye's Dolly Styles

Park Shin Hye... You know who is she? She's the pretty actress is really talented, she can dance, sing, and also act! Also she is a role model of some magazine and the icon of fashion inspiration of this week. Not only for my blog, she is becoming the new fashion inspiration around Korea because of her good style for woman fashion. So many girls out there want to follow her style as an inspiration. So check them out right now!

The photo shoots for the CeCi magazine were awesome! You can see her dolly small face with the cute makeup applying @her face. So classic with the red lipstick and her curl lashes.

Park Shin Hye for the COSMOPOLITAN Magazine act so retro and little bit act naughty with her style and i love her lip when she's wearing a red lipstick.

So i bet you agree that Park Shin Hye's face is so same as a doll. Look at her! So cute, classic, and fashionable. She haves a slim body, good eyes, and good lip's shape.